DiscoverThe Cycling Podcast51: Our Giro stage 6: Bonk!
51: Our Giro stage 6: Bonk!

51: Our Giro stage 6: Bonk!

Update: 2020-05-141


Our Giro reaches Mount Etna for its first summit finish and, appropriately enough, the story of one of the Giro’s most famous explosions. 

Call it a capitulation, a hunger flat, a bonk – cycling has as many terms for running out of fuel and hitting the wall as Eskimos have for ice. In 2002 Cadel Evans, the Australian former mountain biker taking part in his first Grand Tour, was in the pink jersey and only had one mountain to hang on.

Evans was riding for Mapei, the world’s best team, in what was, as we discussed in our stage 4 episode, a controversial, scandal-ridden Giro. In this episode we speak to Evans about his baptism of fire and about the stage when his body said ‘enough’ – he tells us what it was like to ride for Mapei, to have a teammate expelled after testing positive and to find himself in the lead so close to the finish.  

Although Evans didn’t win, the experience did provide an important building block in a career that would see him win the Tour de France nine years later.

Amarcord is our daily visit to the vaults and in today’s we revisit Giromondo, an episode of Kilometre 0 from the first Giro we covered in full as The Cycling Podcast in 2016. 

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To see the stage where it all fell apart for Cadel Evans (with Italian commentary) go here on YouTube.

In stage seven of Our Giro we’ll be embarking on the first of a two-part special on the life and times of Mario Cipollini, the most colourful, flamboyant and controversial sprinter in Giro history – as well as the holder of the record for most stage wins. 

Our first film, And So We Rode… is available for Friends of the Podcast to watch now. This is the story of Larry Warbasse and Conor Dunne packing their bags and going on a bikepacking trip in the French and Italian Alps after their pro team Aqua Blue Sport folded mid-season. It costs £15 to sign up as a Friend of the Podcast and you will be able to watch the film as well as listen to all our special episodes.


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51: Our Giro stage 6: Bonk!

51: Our Giro stage 6: Bonk!

Lionel Birnie, Daniel Friebe, Richard Moore