DiscoverCompounding Curiosity51 | Bernard Leong, Analyse Asia
51 | Bernard Leong, Analyse Asia

51 | Bernard Leong, Analyse Asia

Update: 2023-01-18


My guest today is Bernard Leong (@bernardleong). Bernard is currently the group chief digital and information officer at a Singapore construction conglomerate. But also, is the founder of Analyse Asia, a weekly podcast on technology, business and media with notable industry players and thought leaders all over Asia.

In this conversation, we cover the podcast scene within Asia, why podcasts are harder in Asia-Pacific compared to the US, and solving podcast distribution and monetisation problems.

I hope you enjoy my conversation with Bernard Leong.


“Learn from everyone. Follow no one. Observe the patterns. Work like hell”


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Show Notes:

[00:00:31 ] - [First question] - Bernard’s Background

[00:04:12 ] - Why podcasts are harder in Asia-Pacific 

[00:06:47 ] - Charlie Rose’s interview style as an influence

[00:09:01 ] - The Shokunin method for running a podcast

[00:12:26 ] - Analyse Asia’s tools for creating a successful podcast 

[00:17:28 ] - Why Bernard took a break from podcasting

[00:21:22 ] - Monetisation problems for APAC podcasts

[00:30:22 ] - Podcast subscriptions and what to offer

[00:32:31 ] - Finding and keeping a good podcast editor

[00:35:58 ] - Distribution problems for APAC podcasts

[00:41:06 ] - Doing in person interviews or live events?

[00:50:13 ] - Behind the scenes of Analyse Asia interviews

[00:54:31 ] - How to offer guests a seamless podcast experience

[00:56:00 ] - Life advice and wrapping up




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51 | Bernard Leong, Analyse Asia

51 | Bernard Leong, Analyse Asia