DiscoverDitch Digger CEO with Gary Rabine#51 Mark Kaufman, Building Athletico
#51 Mark Kaufman, Building Athletico

#51 Mark Kaufman, Building Athletico

Update: 2020-10-26


Mark Kaufman (@Athltcoguy) is the Founder and Executive Chairman of Athletico Physical Therapy a leading provider of outpatient physical and occupational therapy. Athletico offers the highest quality orthopedic rehabilitation services to communities, employers and athletes in over 500 locations throughout 12 states. He attended the University of Iowa, receiving his Bachelor of Science degree in Athletic Training and Physical Education in 1986. In 1988, Kaufman obtained an M.S. in Exercise and Sports Sciences from the University of Arizona, and in 1989 he earned his B.S. in Physical Therapy from Northwestern University.

Athletico employs over 5000 clinical and administrative staff and offers over 50 specialty programs and services. The growth of Athletico’s outreach programs has mirrored the advancement of their patient care. Athletico remains very much a close-knit, caring place to work, where a strong work ethic, commitment to continuing education, and dedication to superior customer service and community service are highly valued.

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2:45 Getting to know Mark Kaufman and Athletico Physical Therapy 

5:45 5 Mark Kaufman’s memories growing up in Iowa 

13:45 How Mark’s parents shaped his work ethic  

15:15 How Mark developed his work experience  

18:15 Mark and wrestling 

23:15 Mark’s career in sports  

28:15 Starting a career in Physical Therapy  

31:30 Mark’s Big Fat Greek Wedding  

32:45 Differentiation 

39:45 Athletico’s equity structure  

42:30 When the right person does not work out  

48:00 Scaling Athletico  

53:10 Acquisitions, core values, and how to grow your company 

1:05 :0 Athletico now  

1:07:15 How Mark inspires his team 

1:12:10 Mark’s 10-year vision 

1:20:00 Physical Therapy and technology 

1:25:15 Athletico during the pandemic  

1:29:00 Mark’s interests  

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#51 Mark Kaufman, Building Athletico

#51 Mark Kaufman, Building Athletico

Gary Rabine