511. How To Live The Self Employed Life w Jeffrey Shaw

511. How To Live The Self Employed Life w Jeffrey Shaw

Update: 2021-02-26


Tersh talks with Jeffrey Shaw, the author of The Self Employed Life!

"But that's in fact, what made me different than all the other photographers is that I actually forgot it was a product. I always said I was selling the intangible you know, the result was photographed and in my case are very large portraits to hang on the wall, major art pieces to hang in a room. So, I mean, the product was a significant result, but I succeeded because it was never the product I was selling, really." -Jeffrey Shaw

Jeffrey has been a portrait photographer for 36 years, and he knows more about how to serve clients and how to be self-employed than most. This fact alone could be enough for most people to visit www.theselfemployedlife.com!

If you are looking to journey out into the entrepreneur world, check out this episode because we cover topics across the board that will help you start your business.

In today's episode, Tersh and Jeffrey talk about 6 MUST DO's for you to succeed when starting your own small business.   

Our Deep Dive~

  1. Stand out by being different
  2. Answer unasked questions
  3. Learn the emotional triggers of your clients (look below to learn HOW to learn these emotions!)
  4. ...you'll have to listen to the rest of the episode for these juicy details! 

"It's a phenomenal thing when you think about it...like, not only did Starbucks get us to rethink paying three bucks or four bucks for a cup of coffee, but now let's pay for it one hundred dollars in advance before you even drink it."

-Jeffrey Shaw


"If you know how people will emotionally react, you have an advantage more valuable than all of humanity's innovations."

Thank you for listening to another episode of the Service Business Mastery Podcast!

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511. How To Live The Self Employed Life w Jeffrey Shaw

511. How To Live The Self Employed Life w Jeffrey Shaw

Tersh Blissett