DiscoverThe Art of Manliness#513: Be Your Own Bodyguard
#513: Be Your Own Bodyguard

#513: Be Your Own Bodyguard

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If you’ve ever been at an event with a prominent person like a politician, celebrity, or business executive, you’ve likely noticed the dudes wearing sunglasses and sporting an earpiece, trying to look as unassuming as possible while vigilantly keeping an eye out for their client, or “principal.”

These guys are part of a personal security detail, and their job is to protect VIPs from harassment and harm.

Most of us will likely never be able to afford our own bodyguard, but that doesn’t mean we can’t use the same mindset and skills these professionals use to protect their high-powered clients, to protect ourselves and our loved ones. 

Today on the show, I talk to former executive bodyguard Nick Hughes about his book How to Be Your Own Bodyguard. We begin our conversation discussing Nick’s stint in the French Foreign Legion and how that transitioned to his work in executive protection. We then discuss how a bodyguard’s primary focus is to prevent violence or altercations from occurring in the first place and the tactics that can accomplish that goal. Nick walks us through how criminals pick out their victims, and how to avoid being targeted. We then discuss how to verbally defuse a situation before it turns to blows and the legal ramifications of self-defense. We end our conversation with tactics you can use to stay safe, whether you're vacationing abroad or driving the streets of your hometown.

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cameron everhart

I think the "baseline" is the most important part. understanding contextual baselines is key for EVERYTHING in life

Jun 13th

L. Tertia

Very good episode! You have to have this specialist on again.

Jun 5th

Sanjay Kumar Chatri

Very informative. Lots of practical advice. Thanks AOM.

Jun 3rd








#513: Be Your Own Bodyguard

#513: Be Your Own Bodyguard