516. How to Become The "Ductless Guy" w Michelle LaFrance

516. How to Become The "Ductless Guy" w Michelle LaFrance

Update: 2021-03-24


Tersh talks with Michelle LaFrance of The Ductless Directory!

Check this out…it’s a great example of why Video Marketing is so important – our video is the #1 in search results and outranks competitor websites. Check out the video here!

Here is a little about Michelle LaFrance!

ATTN: DUCTLESS CONTRACTORS: If you want to Grow Your Ductless Business, Michelle can help. She has a step-by-step process that is proven to work. She can double, triple, and even quadruple your visibility online. Think of it as a secret weapon that will fast-track your business while also being a safe haven for you, that's because she only works with Qualified Ductless Contractor. No resellers or wholesalers; only the Good Guys.

▶ HOW SHE WILL HELP YOU: The 1-2 punch in any business is to Get More Leads & Close More Sales. Smarty Pants Web Marketing is the foundation company she created 18 years ago. She works with business owners to dominate search results with effective online marketing and show them how to increase their closing ratio by up to 300%.

▶ HOW SHE DOES IT: They create purpose-driven websites, funnels, and online Directories like the Ductless Directory. Knowing how to compete online is key! Her company has helped business owners dominate search results to generate leads. They don’t talk about it; They demonstrate it!

▶ WHY THEY BUY: Most companies teach their salespeople how to sell; however the most important factor is WHY THEY BUY. Find out how to increase your closing rate by up to 300%. It's a game-changer!

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In today's episode, Tersh and Michelle talk about the 3 MUST DO principles for you to grow your reputation as the Ductless Guy or Gal for your community.   

Our Deep Dive~

  1. Why be the ductless guy?
  2. Who can be the ductless guy?
  3. How to position yourself...



"If you know how people will emotionally react, you have an advantage more valuable than all of humanity's innovations."

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516. How to Become The "Ductless Guy" w Michelle LaFrance

516. How to Become The "Ductless Guy" w Michelle LaFrance

Tersh Blissett