DiscoverThe Ultimate Health Podcast519: Use These Daily Hacks to Reduce Inflammation, Boost Energy & Live Longer | Dr. Molly Maloof
519: Use These Daily Hacks to Reduce Inflammation, Boost Energy & Live Longer | Dr. Molly Maloof

519: Use These Daily Hacks to Reduce Inflammation, Boost Energy & Live Longer | Dr. Molly Maloof

Update: 2023-01-31


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Dr. Molly Maloof (IG: is passionate about extending healthspan through her medical practice, personal brand and entrepreneurial & educational endeavors. She is passionate about optimizing health through food, technology, and psychedelics.

Dr. Molly has been an educator since medical school and pioneered a course on healthspan for three years at Stanford University.

She is the Founder of Adamo Bioscience, a company that aims to reveal how the science of love can unlock the capacity for healing, connection, and creation within everyone.

Today we are discussing Dr. Molly’s new book, The Spark Factor: The Secret to Supercharging Energy, Becoming Resilient, and Feeling Better Than Ever.

Stick around for daily hacks to have more energy, decrease inflammation and optimize your health!

In this episode, we discuss:

  • Mitochondria create your energy capacity
  • Everyday toxins that damage mitochondrial function
  • Understanding the different types of stress
  • Hormetic stressors activate natural defense mechanisms
  • How to deal with trauma in a healthy way
  • What is narrative therapy?
  • Key facets of optimizing mitochondrial function
  • Optimize your health with gut testing
  • How to determine the right probiotic for you
  • Antibiotics can cause mitochondrial dysfunction
  • Does your body tolerate fermented foods?
  • Diet & lifestyle choices that compromise the microbiome
  • Fasting is fantastic for your gut buddies
  • How to become metabolically flexible
  • Mitochondria have a role in autophagy
  • Understanding fasting vs. post-meal blood sugar
  • 3 simple hacks to help stabilize your blood sugar
  • The could mean your blood sugar is spiking
  • Dr. Molly's tips for biohacking your mitochondria
  • Social connection is the biggest driver for long-term health
  • How Dr. Molly recharges during stressful times
  • Specific supplements to enhance your mitochondria
  • Buy the best supplements you can afford
  • The first step to start biohacking your life!
  • Improve your health, improve your performance
  • The benefits of building a strong network
  • Keep an eye on your biomarkers as a way to manage stress
  • Immune support recommendations
  • How to make new friends
  • Know when to let go of a toxic relationship
  • Connection is the missing piece for optimal health

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519: Use These Daily Hacks to Reduce Inflammation, Boost Energy & Live Longer | Dr. Molly Maloof

519: Use These Daily Hacks to Reduce Inflammation, Boost Energy & Live Longer | Dr. Molly Maloof

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