52 Money and Relationships

52 Money and Relationships

Update: 2021-02-101


This week on Couple Things, we're talking about money. Shawn and I tackle a few of your questions and talk about some things that have worked for us in our relationship when it comes to finances.

Here are a few of the topics that we cover:

  • how we approached money while dating, habits, and compromises

  • should you have money dealbreakers at it comes to relationships?

  • how early is too early to talk about money?

  • how to talk about money before marriage

  • how to talk about debt before marriage

  • how we made our decision to blend our finances and our thoughts on prenups

  • the importance of discussing your family plan before marriage

  • some money habits that we’ve grown to adopt

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52 Money and Relationships

52 Money and Relationships

Shawn Johnson + Andrew East