DiscoverThe Ultimate Health Podcast522: The Worst Foods You Will Never Eat Again After Listening to This! | Dave Asprey
522: The Worst Foods You Will Never Eat Again After Listening to This! | Dave Asprey

522: The Worst Foods You Will Never Eat Again After Listening to This! | Dave Asprey

Update: 2023-02-21


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Dave Asprey (IG: @dave.asprey) is an acclaimed entrepreneur, four-time New York Times bestselling science author, host of the top 100 podcast, The Human Upgrade, and CEO of Upgrade Labs.

He recently unveiled his newest business venture, Danger Coffee, a clean, mold-free, farm-direct coffee engineered to remineralize the body with more than 50 trace minerals, nutrients, and electrolytes.

Dave has a new book that’s about to be released, Smarter Not Harder: The Biohacker's Guide to Getting the Body and Mind You Want.

Today you’re going to learn all about the foods that could be destroying your health. It wouldn’t be a conversation with Dave without a little bit of controversy. Stick around and enjoy! 

In this episode, we discuss:

  • Biohack your meat operating system (MeatOS)
  • Identify your number one goal
  • The importance of having energy as a foundation for health
  • Avoid foods that are high in phytic acid
  • The top mineral supplements you need to start taking
  • The vegan diet is harming your health
  • Replace trace minerals in your body
  • What is vitamin D-A-K-E? + How much do you need?
  • Stop eating seed oils
  • Why fish are now toxic
  • Choose a high-quality fish oil supplement
  • Detox heavy metals from your body
  • Why Dave isn’t a fan of consuming chicken
  • What type of meat you’ll find in Dave’s freezer
  • Avoid high-histamine foods
  • Diamine oxidase (DAO) supplements help histamine intolerance
  • Foods that are high in mycotoxins
  • Dave’s 4-step approach for healing from mold toxicity
  • Top 3 detox supplements to remove mold & environmental toxins
  • The pivot from Bulletproof Coffee to Danger Coffee
  • Dave’s move from Vancouver Island to Texas
  • Focus on animal-based protein vs plant-based protein
  • Evolve your diet to work for you

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522: The Worst Foods You Will Never Eat Again After Listening to This! | Dave Asprey

522: The Worst Foods You Will Never Eat Again After Listening to This! | Dave Asprey

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