DiscoverThe Ultimate Health Podcast528: How to Lose Weight & Heal the Body With the Proper Human Diet | Dr. Ken Berry
528: How to Lose Weight & Heal the Body With the Proper Human Diet | Dr. Ken Berry

528: How to Lose Weight & Heal the Body With the Proper Human Diet | Dr. Ken Berry

Update: 2023-03-28


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Dr. Ken Berry (IG: is a practicing family physician. He is a passionate advocate of health on his YouTube channel where he has over 2 million subscribers. Ken is the author of the bestselling book, Lies My Doctor Told Me.

He takes pride in working with the real people of the world in continuing his mission to bring an end to the obesity and type 2 diabetes epidemics, along with bringing awareness to such issues as thyroid health and hormone optimization.

Cutting back on carbs could be the solution to getting rid of the extra weigh you’re carrying around, stick around to learn more! 

In this episode, we discuss:

  • You’ve been given the wrong diet information
  • What is the Proper Human Diet?
  • Can we turn off epigenetic switches?
  • Focus on building muscle
  • How to transition to the Proper Human Diet
  • Symptoms of carbohydrate withdrawal + how to fix them
  • Salt is NOT bad for you
  • Consuming blood is ancestrally appropriate
  • Should you drink mineral water?
  • Ken’s opinion on detox products
  • The REAL price of food (by weight)
  • Conventional beef is healthier than processed food
  • How much carbs does the average US adult consume per day?
  • A snapshot of Ken’s diet throughout the year
  • The strict carnivore diet + why you should avoid milk
  • Free up mental bandwidth by eating beef, butter, bacon & eggs (BBBE)
  • Supplements you need on the carnivore diet
  • What Ken eats on a typical day
  • Ken shares his weight loss journey from high carb to carnivore
  • Time to unlearn false beliefs about nutrition
  • Ken’s mission to help more people using the internet
  • Intermittent fasting + Ken’s “feasting window”

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528: How to Lose Weight & Heal the Body With the Proper Human Diet | Dr. Ken Berry

528: How to Lose Weight & Heal the Body With the Proper Human Diet | Dr. Ken Berry

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