DiscoverCompounding Curiosity53 | Michael McGaughy, Emerging Market Investing
53 | Michael McGaughy, Emerging Market Investing

53 | Michael McGaughy, Emerging Market Investing

Update: 2023-02-01


Michael McGaughy is the Founder and Portfolio Manager of Research Alpha, a specialist fund which invests in the equity of unloved and out-of-favour quality companies in some of the world’s least expensive stock markets, like Uzbekistan, Argentina and Egypt. 


In this conversation, we cover how he started and got interested in emerging markets, what investing in emerging markets involves, and a little bit about Uzbekistan.

I hope you enjoy my conversation with Michael McGaughy.


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Show Notes:

[00:00:31 ] - [First question] - How Michael first made his way to Asia

[00:03:46 ] - How Michael became an Analyst in Indonesia in 1989

[00:06:44 ] - Private Equity in China in the mid 90’s

[00:09:09 ] - Developing comfort in investing in emerging markets

[00:13:45 ] - The Three things Mike looks for in an investment

[00:16:19 ] - How quickly do emerging markets rebound?

[00:18:33 ] - Difference between financial crisises and political crisises

[00:20:33 ] - Dealing with foreigner restrictions in emerging markets

[00:21:47 ] - Mike’s process for determining who owns what in an emerging market

[00:24:40 ] - The investment opportunity in Uzbekistan

[00:30:13 ] - Most undervalued life experience?

[00:32:38 ] - How does Mike navigate emerging markets and the language barrier?

[00:33:57 ] - Influential books or people?

[00:35:13 ] - Future plans?




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53 | Michael McGaughy, Emerging Market Investing

53 | Michael McGaughy, Emerging Market Investing