DiscoverA Healthier You-Little by Little56. Cycle Fitness For Women
56. Cycle Fitness For Women

56. Cycle Fitness For Women

Update: 2022-06-30


Sylvie made a decision in her mid 20's to her own self-care, fitness, and health.
It wasn't til her 30's did she embrace cycling, first through Mountain Biking in 2000 when she started Adventure Racing with her first husband.
Sylvie loved it so much, she opened a small spinning studio in a friend’s gym in 2001
2002 she had her own space and in 2004 her own location.
2005 Sylvie wanted to jump into Road Cycling racing. Not by herself of course. She asked a handful of her girlfriends who road bikes if they would like to join her Master’s Cycling Team learn and race together. They hired a coach and were off.
2008 Through her spin studio she heard many women talking about the fears of riding alone, with fast partners, and the desire to ride with other women.
That was the year Sylvie launched her Women's Only Cycling Club - CycleFitCHICKS. The first year she had 42 women sign up and since then over the past 14yrs, she has coached over 900 women building confidence to ride with others, safely.
She has obtained her Level 3 National Cycling Performance Coaching Certification, coaching women in competition.
For the past 15yrs, Sylvie has been coaching specific Cycling Skills Winter Programs, and this past year she has been forced, like many other coaches to take lessons online.

FITNESS and FITNESS & BIKINI Competitions:
Sylvie dedicated her past 20 yrs to fitness as well as cycling.
2004 she trained and competed in her first Figure competition.
Since then, she has competed in over 15 competitions across Canada, qualifying for the Canadian NATURALS Nationals IFBB/CBBF in both Bikini & FIgure in 2017.
Sylvie has a wealth of knowledge in Nutrition and Fitness, from working with her coaches over the years and through her own research.

Sylvie is so excited to be able to help more women over 40 who are cyclists, to embrace their inner beauty with fitness and nutrition, with her new CycleFitness membership. As a mom of 3 who just turned 51, she sees the need to empower more women by giving them the avenue to be great and create life balance.
Life balance starts with Health, Wellness, Nutrition, Cycling, and a positive community through her CycleFitness Membership &  cycling, nutrition and Community driven coaching programs.
A place that women can feel comfortable and thrive to be the amazing humans they were meant to be.

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56. Cycle Fitness For Women

56. Cycle Fitness For Women

Cindy Little with Sylvie D'Aoust