DiscoverLuke's ENGLISH Podcast - Learn British English with Luke Thompson569. Learning & Teaching English with Zdenek Lukas (Part 1)
569. Learning & Teaching English with Zdenek Lukas (Part 1)

569. Learning & Teaching English with Zdenek Lukas (Part 1)

Update: 2019-01-116


569. Learning & Teaching English with Zdenek Lukas (Part 1)

Talking to English teacher & podcaster Zdenek Lukas from the Czech Republic about various things, including how he learned English by working on a building site in East London with a team of cockneys who couldn't pronounce his name properly.

Also includes tangents about football commentators, climate change denial, flat earth conspiracy theorists and more. [Part 1 of 2] Intro & outro transcripts available.

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#140 - POP IN / OUT / OFF / ON / UP (A Phrasal Verb a Day is back)
#140 - POP IN / OUT / OFF / ON / UP (A Phrasal Verb a Day is back) A Phrasal Verb a Day is back. In this episode I'll give you an update about this podcast and teach you phrasal verbs with POP. Episode Transcript Hello everyone, This is Luke Thompson and you’re  listening to A Phrasal Verb a Day. This is where I attempt to teach you a phrasal verb every day for a year. Yes, this project is still ongoing. APVAD is back! In this episode I’m going to teach you some more common phrasal verbs as we continue on this mission to get to 365 days of phrasal verbs. Now I’m going to talk to you about phrasal verbs with the word pop and there are a lot. Also I want to say that APVAD will continue after this, but not here at this RSS feed - all the new episodes will appear in the LEP App and online at Over the next days or weeks, 10 more episodes of a phrasal verb a day will appear in the app. I’ll talk to you more about that  in a moment. First let me just remind you of this project. This is where I teach you phrasal verbs - these essential bits of natural English. Originally I planned to do one of these every day but after a couple of months it became impossible! I’ve added more episodes over the years and we’re currently on #139 I think. Well, it’s time to revive this series and do so in the LEP app which I expect is where you are listening to this. So what I do in these episodes is explain and demonstrate various phrasal verbs.  I think the best way to learn vocab is to hear it being used in context with vivid examples and I always try to do this, sometimes having a bit of fun with some scenarios. All of it is designed to help you learn these crucial bits of English. Phrasal verbs are crucial because this is exactly the way native speakers use the language but learners of English have trouble with them because they are idiomatic, tricky in structure and don’t exist as grammatical forms in their languages. Let’s carry on, with a big one. “POP” Phrasal verbs with pop. This is extremely common and quite versatile. It’s absolutely one of the most common little phrases used every day all over the country. It’s informal but polite and let’s hear about it. Pop on, pop in, pop out, pop off, pop up and more.   ---Teach POP phrasal verbs--- Listen for full examples and definitions. Pop in = go somewhere quickly for a short visit Pop on = put an object somewhere, or wear some clothes Pop out = to leave quickly or for a short time Pop over / pop round = visit someone quickly for a short time Pop up = appear quickly or suddenly a pop-up ad   SO there you go.   Normally these episodes are shorter than this. As I said earlier, there will be about 10 more of these phrasal verb episodes arriving soon, but they won’t arrive here in the APVAD podcast feed. They’ll arrive in the LEP App. So get the LEP App for your smartphone, you can find it in the app store for iOS and Android. Then in the app use the side menu to find the Phrasal Verb category. All the episodes will be there. You can also access and download the episodes from   The transcript collaboration for these episodes is still going, so if you’d like to contribute a transcript to an APVAD episode, go to my website and then Episodes, then hover over “Phrasal verb podcast” and click transcript collaboration. Have a good day! :)
LEP PREMIUM is now live -
LEP Premium is ready -  This is an announcement to let you know that LEP Premium is now ready to go. If you want to superpower your English into the 9th dimension, then you can get started by signing up for LEP Premium. Let me tell you about it. I’m about to upload some premium episodes into the app. They’ll also be available online if you don’t have the app - but the app is going to be the most convenient way to listen to these episodes in the normal way, when you’re out and about or when you’re at home studying. There will be about 3 episodes coming - probably already there by now, and then more episodes + bonuses every month after that. The way this works is that you’ll need to just create a profile online with my host, sign into the app with that profile and you’ll get access to all the premium episodes I’ve uploaded and am going to upload. to get started. Then Get Access to Premium Episodes. Complete the details and get your login codes and then bob’s your uncle. In the app the login is in the settings menu. Make sure your version of the LEP app is updated. Check the PREMIUM category and that’s where you’ll find the episodes. There will be episodes coming regularly and I’ll also upload other things for premium subscribers, including pdfs, shorter episodes, phrasal verbs and videos. There will be quite a lot of content for the premium subscribers - in the app and online. Yep - you will also have to pay for the premium episodes, but it will be a small amount - just a few dollars - like the price of a coffee, and finally this is a way for me to monetise my online work, and for you to support this whole project. PREMIUM DEAL All the usual episodes of LEP, sometimes with bonuses if you’re using the app, (obviously). Minimum 2 premium episodes per month (MINIMUM - probably more) + various bonuses Premium episodes will be primarily focused on teaching you language. Helping you to develop your vocabulary, grammar and pronunciation with a special interest in looking at how English really sounds vs how it is written. It’s all about decoding language, helping you realise how it really sounds as well as how it is structured. Pdfs with transcripts, vocab lists and notes for each P episode - available in the app or downloadable online. More phrasal verb episodes - New ones :) Video versions of LEP Episodes sometimes (not every single episode, but when possible) Invitations to live YouTube streaming events - e.g. live podcast recordings or online workshops & Q&A sessions - only for premium subscribers (arrange a date, tell them you’ll send the email 30 mins before the live stream, set up the live stream as unlisted, send the email with link, start) All content in the app and online So the podcast will continue as normal with normal episodes being free, but premium subscribers can access all this other stuff too. Premium Episode content Every premium episode will primarily be about teaching language to you. Grammar, vocab or pron. Episodes will be either: Language Reviews focusing on English which has come up naturally in normal episodes of LEP (e.g. unpacking the grammar, vocab or pron in conversations or monologues). Learn real English as it is spoken by my friends and guests. Language Lessons focusing on grammar, vocab or pronunciation (similar to recent grammar lessons). I’ll pick useful, important or requested areas of language and analyse + explain them in proper detail. You might think - what’s the difference between premium and normal? Normal LEP episodes can be divided into 2 functions: To give you listening practice. Exposure to plenty of spoken English is vital for developing proper English skills. Listen a lot and you learn language as a consequence. Sometimes I explain things as I go in order to help make things clear and because as a teacher for over 16 years, I’m always teaching you language, even if that’s not the primary aim of the episode. The primary aim of episodes like this is to explain a topic to you, to teach you about culture, tell you stories, make you laugh, interview people and generally encourage you to listen to English as it is spoken naturally. Language learning happens as a consequence, and you can push it further and more effectively by using the transcripts and notes that I publish free on my website. To teach you language directly, rather than just giving you listening practice. I pick certain language points and explain them explicitly with definitions and made up examples. Or I pick out language that has come up in conversation and teach it back to you, helping you to notice features of natural speech. I’ve been teaching English for over 16 years. I’m well-qualified and experienced. I have a particular set of skills for teaching. I can use those skills to explain, define and demonstrate aspects of English directly to help you learn directly. This is about focusing on language from the bottom up. Putting it simply, Type 1 = topic episodes. Type 2 = language episodes. Most episodes deal with the first option, with a bit of the second option thrown in too. E.g. the recent episodes with Andy or other conversations in which I explain the vocab and language afterwards. Some episodes deal with the second option, with a bit of 1 thrown in. E.g. language focused episodes, like the recent Grammar Questions, or ones about phrases with GET or plenty of episodes in the archive in which I teach idioms, verb tenses, connected speech, etc. Type 2 episodes often take a long time to prepare. They also involve me using professional skills that at this point in my career should come with a fee Premium episodes will primarily be type 2 episodes. I’ve decided that I need to try and monetise some of my podcast work. I’ve been doing it for 9 years. This April was the 9 year anniversary of LEP. Doing the podcast is my part-time job. I teach at the BC and I do my podcast. I really want to continue doing it, I want to support your English, but I also need to support my family! I think you understand. I want the podcast to remain free, and that will happen. Normal episodes of LEP will still be free. There might be slightly less of them, but so be it. But they will be free. If you want to support LEP after all these years you can by becoming a premium member and you’ll get a bunch of serious bonus content too. Jack I remember listening to the pink gorilla episode about a year ago and during the episode you said "OK, never mind". Same thing happened again and when it happened the second time I thought : Why does King say "OK, never mind" why doesn't he just say "OK" ? What does "never mind" mean? And that curiosity led me to google and that's how I learned that word :) So with LEP Premium episodes you are essentially explaining the listeners all the language without them having to do any hard work :P they just have to listen to that episode everyday until it clicks.   Your vocabulary is going to get so good This is a double whammy of just absorbing English through exposure and having things carefully pointed out and clarified, explained How do teachers choose what English to teach you? It’s based on general corpora of English. With this method the corpora is LEP. Learn the English you hear on the podcast. So, not only will you be hearing a lot of vocabulary just coming up naturally in context in normal episodes (which is a really solid way to build awareness of English into your life steadily, bit by bit) but also you’ll regularly have things clarified and taught to you by me afterwards. I think it should be a powerful combination of natural exposure to English in full context and also good old fashioned language teaching from me - all based on the same language. I think to get this full LEP experience you’ll need to be a premium subscriber. It’ll also help you to understand and appreciate the normal episodes of the podcast that much more. For example, imagine hearing a conversation with Amber & Paul - you might enjoy it because of the fun vibe we have between us, but there’s bound to be loads of things you’ll miss. Then you can hear a premium episode which clarifies so much of what we said. You could then go back and listen to the original episode again, armed with so much more understanding - you’d understand much much more of it and as a result a lot of that language is going to stick with you. It’s the ideal combination I reckon. Also, your grammar is going to get more and more solid as I will make a point of highlighting features of grammar, as well as vocabulary as we go. LEPP episodes won’t just be about explaining vocab and grammar you’ve heard. Some episodes will be lessons that just focus on important bits of language that you need to know anyway, even if they haven’t come up specifically in other episodes. It’s all about language - raising awareness, raising your understanding, improving your accuracy so you avoid common errors, making you more confident with the language but not in an abstract way - in a way that connects it to how the language is actually used and has actually been used in conversations you’ve already heard on the podcast. That’s the thinking behind LEP Premium. I hope you jump on for the ride. Now, there are 3 premium episodes recorded and ready to go and they’ll be available to you almost immediately. Remember, they’ll be in the LEP App in the premium category, and on the LEP Premium page at That’s where you’ll find the episodes and you’ll be able to get the pdfs in those places too. Use the website to set up your premium profile with a login code and password. Then you can sign into the app and gain access to premium content there, and also sign in online and get episodes there, including any premium players on my website which will be locked unless you’re a subscriber. Choose your payment plan. This is where you are going to help me out with a contribution each month.   Price How much do you reckon you’d expect to pay for all this stuff? Think of it as a contribution towards helping the podcast. $3.99 per month = Buy me a pint of beer in a pub $19.99 every six months ($3.29 per month) Buy me a Big coffee - 15% discount $34.99 per year ($2.89 per month) Buy me a Small coffee - 30% discount Remember all the stuff you’ll be able to get: Minimum 2 premium episodes per month (MINIMUM - probably more) Pdfs with transcripts, vocab lists and notes for each P episode - available in the app or downloadable online. More phrasal verb episodes Video versions of LEP Episodes (not every single episode, but when possible) Invitations to live YouTube streaming events - e.g. live podcast recordings or online workshops & Q&A sessions (arrange a date, tell them you’ll send the email 30 mins before the live stream, set up the live stream as unlisted, send the email with link, start) All content in the app and online Any questions, let me know at There will also be at least one page on the website where you can leave comments for premium content. First thing, get your premium profile set up and get access to about 3 episodes which will be available in the next couple of days. Then look forward to regular content coming in - language reviews of conversations with guests, grammar and pronunciation lessons - all the things you need to progress in your English with Luke’s English Podcast. to get started In the app you sign in in the settings page. I hope you’re as excited as me to really dig deep into British English and learn the same stuff that people actually say on a daily basis, rather than just some words on paper or in a book which look nothing like the way they sound when people speak. to get started Speak to you again soon. Bye
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569. Learning & Teaching English with Zdenek Lukas (Part 1)

569. Learning & Teaching English with Zdenek Lukas (Part 1)

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