DiscoverFeedback with EarBuds58: "Decolonizing America" Week
58: "Decolonizing America" Week

58: "Decolonizing America" Week

Update: 2020-11-09


Welcome to episode 58, *Decolonizing America.* Thank you to our curator of the week, Mila Atmos and the team at Future Hindsight.

This week’s episode is sponsored by Buzzsprout and the Future Hindsight podcast.

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Here are the episodes chosen by Mila and Future Hindsight this week:

Future Hindsight

Decolonizing America: Nick Tilsen
31 minutes
Nick Tilsen, President and CEO of NDN Collective, a non-profit working towards indigenous sovereignty, provides an overview of their movement, why decolonization matters, and how we can all achieve it

All My Relations

Can Our Ancestors Hear Us?
85 minutes

This episode delves into the connection between language and indigenous identity, and discusses revitalization efforts -- a key part of decolonization.

Alberta Advantage

Land Back: Reclaiming Indigenous Jurisdiction
50 minutes
A closer look at the Land Back movement in Canada, and how indigenous organizers are working to reclaim native lands.

My American Meltingpot

Don'tn Be Racist - Decolonize Your Mind
17 minutes

A short, sweet look at how we internalize settler logic and ideology, and how to undo it.

For The Wild

Jade Begay & Julian Brave Noisecat on Restorying Power for a Just Transition / 143
68 minutes
One of the most devastating legacies of colonialism is global climate change, and this interview with Jade Begay and Julian Brave NoiseCat helps explain how decolonization is key to saving the planet.

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58: "Decolonizing America" Week

58: "Decolonizing America" Week

Arielle Nissenblatt