58: Labels and Leadership

58: Labels and Leadership

Update: 2022-08-20


Let's talk about labels and how they impact our leadership, but before we can go down that road we need to do a little review on the system that takes place in our brains with just about every experience that we have - and that is the thought-feeling-action system

We do a really good job of knowing – if we like how we feel or we if we don’t...

Many of us do a moderately good job of knowing exactly what we’re feeling, particularly when we don’t like how we feel – in other words identifying the exact emotion that we’re experiencing when it’s not a good feeling –

And without practice and coaching most of us are pretty ill-equipped to identify the connected thought to each emotion we have

Said differently, we have some blind spots!

I want to talk about what happens in our brains from a scientific perspective so that you can decide how much time, effort, and energy you want to put into mastering what may be a significant bottleneck for you at times.

When we have a new experience, we have a lot of choices about how we’re going to experience it – we get to choose what we think about going into it if we have enough notice, and then throughout the experience we get to decide what to think about and believe about the details of the person, or situation

That initial exposure then becomes our reality – and it becomes a memory that we file away about the person, or situation involved – which can be great, especially, if it’s a positive experience that we’d like to repeat

On the other hand, let’s say that your thoughts about the person or situation were that it was a bit of a bummer, or a total disaster –

Left untouched, that memory also gets filed away, but there’s something that we need to be aware of:

When we land on a conclusion – and file it away – it becomes accessible

And this concept exists in habit formation, so if you’re only half listening, this is a good one to sink your teeth into...









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58: Labels and Leadership

58: Labels and Leadership

Chelsea Myers