DiscoverBuild Your Network582: Dr. Nicole LePera | How to Heal Yourself
582: Dr. Nicole LePera | How to Heal Yourself

582: Dr. Nicole LePera | How to Heal Yourself

Update: 2021-04-19


When you begin to heal and change, your relationships tend to follow, including with yourself. This was Dr. Nicole LePera’s experience as she found herself frustrated with her work as a therapist.

Coming from a background of battling anxiety herself, she knew that she wanted better for herself and her clients, and after going on her own healing journey with the help of research and informed psychology, she began teaching these secrets on social media, creating a community of #selfhealers. She is also the author of the e-book, How to do the Work and the creator of the SelfHealers Circle.

Dive right into this episode as we hear more about Dr. Nicole’s story and learn how to heal yourself from a trained psychologist.

Things you will learn in this episode: 

[00:01 - 05:27 ] Opening Segment 

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  • I introduce today’s guest, Dr. Nicole LePera
  • Self Healing 
  • Author of How to do the Work
  • Be sure to check out and start booking
  • Dr. Nicole shares a bit of her background 
  • Born and raised in the city to older parents
  • Fascination with people 
  • Dealing with anxiety as a child 
  • A desire to help herself and others get better

[05:28 - 19:42 ] Navigating Your Passion with Your Purpose

  • Dr. Nicole talks about the resolve to solve psychological problems
  • Others focused 
  • Understanding the adoption of roles or masks
  • The decision-making process from a psychologist to working holistically
  • The journey from college
  • Seeing similar patterns client to client
  • Changing your path responsibly 
  • The now and the not yet
  • Dr. Nicole’s journey 
  • Learning how to pivot by breaking down the steps
  • Realizing something needs to change 
  • Speak your truth 
  • Apply your truth
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[19:43 - 36:00 ] How to Heal Yourself

  • The importance of connecting
  • We all need connection at our core
  • Changing relationships
  • Finding your community 
  • The work begins internally 
  • Our relationship with ourselves 
  • Who you know or what you know?
  • A combination of both 
  • Harnessing both to create change 
  • A relationship that changed your life 
  • Learning through a clinical supervisor 
  • Never assume what the client needs
  • Dr. Nicole talks about her current partner
  • How to deal with change in a healthy way
  • Our natural tendencies to avoid change 
  • Making space to be honest with what is there 
  • What makes people instigate change 
  • Practice being conscious of ourselves every day

[36:31 - 37:07 ] Closing Segment

  • Dr. Nicole talks about who her book is for and how to get it
  • Everyone who’s trying to heal but is having a hard time
  • Model of holistic wellness 
  • Why we’re stuck and how to pivot and create change 
  • How to’s 
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  • RaNDoM RoUnD
  • How to engage with Dr. Nicole
  • Links below
  • Final words 

Tweetable Quotes: 

“I had come to realize, at that part of my healing journey, that I had a lifelong tendency of diluting my beliefs, my truth, and what it meant for me in favor of others.” - Dr. Nicole LePera

“With healing and with changing come a lot of relationships that begin to shift and change.” - Dr. Nicole LePera

“You’re subjective and I’m subjective, I’m constantly coloring everything that’s happening. So the more I can expand and create space and make choices… [the more] I can allow myself to create change.” - Dr. Nicole LePera

Resources Mentioned:

Connect with Dr. Nicole on Instagram and YouTube. Go to and learn more about the power to heal yourself!

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582: Dr. Nicole LePera | How to Heal Yourself

582: Dr. Nicole LePera | How to Heal Yourself

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