DiscoverBuild Your Network586: Stewart Hillhouse | How to Engineer Luck
586: Stewart Hillhouse | How to Engineer Luck

586: Stewart Hillhouse | How to Engineer Luck

Update: 2021-04-26


Samuel Goldwyn once said, “The harder I work, the luckier I get.” Today, Stewart Hillhouse is with us to share how his decisions and hard work put him in the position to be ready for luck to strike. Stewart is the host of the Top of Mind Podcast where he interviews world-class people in creativity, and some of the smartest minds in marketing. He is the Head of Audience Growth at Customer Camp as a masterful content marketer with experience in organic growth, and an expert at attention economy. 

I’m so excited to tap into Stewart’s experience and story and learn what it took to get to where he is now and how to engineer luck.

Things you will learn in this episode: 

[00:01 - 05:38 ] Opening Segment 

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  • I introduce today’s guest, Stewart Hillhouse
  • Audience Growth at Customer Camp
  • Top of Mind Podcast Host
  • Stewart gives us some background on his story
  • Growing up in Toronto 
  • Entrepreneurial parents 
  • Turning towards creative arts in High School
  • Sports as way to learn to fail in public 

[05:39 - 15:04 ] Getting Out of the Forest 

  • Stewart talks about his parents and journey into college
  • Making the pivot 
  • Going into tech management 
  • Learning applied business
  • Venture for Canada
  • Biggest takeaways from the venture in service 
  • The art of starting from scratch
  • No two businesses are created equally 
  • Taking projects that build momentum
  • The education process along the way
  • Tim Ferriss podcast
  • Good friend network, not yet a professional network
  • Finding the Build Your Network Podcast
  • A word from our sponsor

[21:28 - 26:03 ] How to Engineer Luck

  • Stewart talks about the main thing that made him decide to join a Mastermind
  • Saying yes to the opportunities 
  • Figuring it all out together 
  • Stories of making connections from masterminds
  • Decision-making process away from the entrepreneurial path 
  • No audience at first
  • Launching a podcast to learn more 
  • Bringing value to an organization
  • Taking action towards the direction you want to head in
  • Engineering your own luck

[26:04 - 30:54 ] Closing Segment

  • Who you know or what you know?
  • The people you know will tell you what you need to know 
  • Stewart’s experience 
  • RaNDoM RoUnD
  • How to engage with Phillip
  • Links below
  • Final words 

Tweetable Quotes: 

“That’s been a big takeaway that I try to apply now, ensuring that I’m taking on activities and projects that are building momentum towards something bigger and compound over time and aren’t just one-offs.” - Stewart Hillhouse

“I don’t know where I’m going, but I can learn from other people who are figuring it out in the same way…” - Stewart Hillhouse

“Luck is by definition engineerable, right? But if you can put yourself in a position that allows you to be lucky more often… opportunity will come to you more often.” - Travis Chappell

Resources Mentioned:

Connect with Stewart on Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram. Go check out to learn more from the smartest minds in marketing!

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586: Stewart Hillhouse | How to Engineer Luck

586: Stewart Hillhouse | How to Engineer Luck

Travis Chappell