59 Rita and Mirthell Onyx

59 Rita and Mirthell Onyx

Update: 2021-03-31


This week on Couple Things, we got to talk to Rita and Mirthell Onyx. They've created an extremely successful YouTube empire with the help of their entire family. It was fascinating to learn how they balance it all.

Here are a few topics that we cover:

  • 0:00 Introduction

  • Family advice

  • Navigating having a content creation career with your family

  • Making decisions as a couple against the norm

  • How Mirthell and Rita Onyx met

  • How religion plays a role in the marriage

  • How to set boundaries for your family

  • When it’s time to speak up

  • The biggest priorities in teaching children

  • Rita’s position as CEO

  • Onyx family projects

  • Advice for marriage and relationships

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59 Rita and Mirthell Onyx

59 Rita and Mirthell Onyx

Shawn Johnson + Andrew East