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5G: Welcome to the Revolution?

5G: Welcome to the Revolution?

Update: 2019-10-3129


How should we feel about 5G? Is it a breakthrough technology that will revolutionize our world, or in a bid to get new gadgets, are we risking our health? To find out, we spoke with electrical engineer Prof. Jeff Andrews, biologist Prof. Henrik Mouritsen, radiology safety expert Prof. Chris Collins, and psychologist Prof. Rodney Croft. 

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Credits: This episode was produced by Meryl Horn with help from Wendy Zukerman, Lexi Krupp, Michelle Dang and Rose Rimler. We’re edited by Caitlin Kenney. Fact checking by Michelle Harris, Lexi Krupp, and Michelle Dang. Mix and sound design by Peter Leonard and Bobby Lord. Music written by Peter Leonard, Bobby Lord and Emma Munger. Recording assistance from Olivia Aldridge, Beth McMullen, and Mirjam Steger. A huge thanks to all the people we spoke to for this episode including: Dr. Sarah Loughran, Dr. Stefano Cucurachi, Professor Muriel Médard, Dr. Harish Krishnaswamy, Dr. Christopher Labos, Dr. Jordan Gerth, Dr. Arno Thielens, Prof. David Carpenter, Dr. Jerrold Bushberg, Dr. Patrick Mineault, Norman Carreck and ARPANSA. Extra thanks to Kaitlyn Sawrey, Shahzad Ahsan, Rachel Ward, the Zukerman Family and Joseph Lavelle Wilson. 

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shaun heatly

I've sent this to so many people now, thanks!

Apr 5th


this is crazy, you needed to talk to more people before recording this episode. what about all the suicides because of non native EMFs.. cell phone towers gets installed in their areas, and people don't realise they are there.. the affect the brain in ways people don't realise. Epstein an example. Two people you need to talk to, Nicolas Penault and Jack Kruse. they will make you want to rerecord this episode.

Jan 2nd

Carolyn Hochlowski

I’m gonna have the MRI song in my head all day 😂

Nov 4th


Is sad when people want stop something new because of their ignorance. people need to educate themselves before opening their mouth.

Nov 2nd
Reply (2)

Nazz Watson

lol, I love when science calls out crazy people! Awesome episode!

Nov 1st
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5G: Welcome to the Revolution?

5G: Welcome to the Revolution?