DiscoverStrange and Unexplained with Daisy Eagan6: Reincarnation: Four People Who Lived Before
6: Reincarnation: Four People Who Lived Before

6: Reincarnation: Four People Who Lived Before

Update: 2021-04-2214


A toddler who remembers dying in a fire, a boy who remembers a fancy life in Hollywood, a kid who remembers being crushed by a tractor, and a man who remembers being a Civil War soldier. Do you believe in reincarnation? You might once you hear these stories and the evidence these four people have to back up their claims.

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Comments (28)

Julie Arabia

hard pass.. if you could be a little less judgy and opinionated your podcast would not suck.

Jun 1st
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I'm not sure why someone would have a podcast covering issues that she is so clearly skeptical of. These are interesting topics that people are genuinely interested in (including myself). I could understand if it was marketed as a debunking podcast, but its clearly not. I came here looking for researched stories and possibly small hints that these things could be real and proven. Obviously I want a host to be confident in the content shared. This appears to be a podcast given to someone that hasn't gotten the reception she so desperately craves on Twitter. I really try not to be negative when commenting, but this podcast disappointed me.

May 1st


She won a tony! Don't worry, she'll tell you! Again and again and again. Please tell the story without interjecting yourself or your political opinions into every episode. Maybe it would be better if she ACTUALLY RESEARCHED the content instead of trying to so hard to be witty and edgy in the episode. I like the topics but not the hostess. Why doesn't she take her Tony and get a better job like in the industry.

Apr 23rd

N. G

Liking the pod, Daisy. Enjoy your sarcasm, biting humor, and story telling. Hope you keep at it.

Apr 23rd


Content is fine but the host is an insufferable snob. You didn’t watch Gone With the Wind because it glorifies slavery? How do you know if you claim you’ve never even watched the movie? Keep your dumb woke political commentary out of your content if you want to appeal to a wider audience.

Apr 23rd
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AWESOME episode, Daisy !.....Thank You !!!💜💜💜......and Thank those who put your show down......It made me want to listen that much more....Remember, this generation believes this earth is flat. Keep up the great work.

Apr 23rd
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Jamie Stewart

the stories in this podcast in general are pretty good but jesus christ this host is becoming insufferable. we are here to listen to weird stories, not hear her have a bizarre over reaction to the word transient or be subjected to political hot takes. the attempts at humor would be easier to stomach if everything she said wasn't delivered with the sarcastic attitude of a high school girl talking shit about a classmate. I will give it a couple more episodes before unsubbing but right now I'm feeling like there are way better shows out there that deal with similar things and don't have these glaring issues.

Apr 22nd
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Callan Harris

This is an intriguing story but must the host tell us that she won a Tony in every.single.episode? It's almost like she is deflecting the question, "why are you doing podcasts now if you WON A TONY???" Also why the grandsplaining? Why does the audience care what the host thinks about transient people or the cause of the Civil War? Stick to the story and leave out the political comments, they detract from the stories.

Apr 22nd
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Mark McCulloh

I listened to the whole episode, and let me quote the host by saying"I can't..I just can't". If it weren't for her opinions and lackluster attempt at humor this would be a good podcast..but it isn't. Here is some advice, people want to listen to stories..they..I..don't give a shit about your opinion..on anything. thank you.. unsubscribed

Apr 22nd








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6: Reincarnation: Four People Who Lived Before

6: Reincarnation: Four People Who Lived Before

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