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6 Tips for Navigating The Holiday Food Scene

6 Tips for Navigating The Holiday Food Scene

Update: 2019-11-08


The holidays are here regardless if we want them to be or not, and with that comes stress around what to eat, how to control your cravings and ultimately ‘white-knuckling’ your way through a time of year when you should be enjoying yourself.

Embrace The Holidays Without Losing Your Sh*T

You don’t have to be on the defensive or walk on eggshells during this time of year. With a few mindset and intuitive eating strategies, you can embrace the holidays without losing your shit when it comes to food. 

When you are able to practice setting boundaries, find the overlap between sustainable nutrition and intuitive eating and embrace the fact that you do not need to earn or burn your food, you can create a healthier relationship with food and everything that comes with this time of year.

Whatever stresses you have during the holidays, food shouldn’t have to be one of them. Stop approaching the holidays as a chore and expand your viewpoint around intuitive eating during the holidays with this episode.

How do you manage your relationship with food during the holiday season? Share your approach with us in the comments on the episode page.


On Today's Episode

  • The two typical archetypes of those extra activated during this time of year (5:40)
  • Six things you can do to make it through the holidays without losing your shit over food (10:11)
  • Why you should watch out for the dieting throughout the day mentality (12:25)
  • How to slow down and pay attention to your experience with food (21:04)
  • Understanding the role of basic self-care when avoiding food triggers and stressors (23:04)



“Today I want to offer this to you as we approach this time of year so that you could perhaps expand your own view of the world and get some transformation in this area if you have really been struggling with the idea of food and the holidays.” (2:27)

“Finding the overlap between the world of sustainable nutrition/nutritional therapy and intuitive eating is messy and it’s hard and it’s confronting and it’s challenging but it is very, very worth it.” (9:20)

“Exercise has so many other amazing benefits, controlling weight is not one of them.” (16:37)

“We don’t need to abandon all of the things we normally do because there might happen to be fun foods laying around or fun foods in greater abundance. Come back to what you know.” (24:40)


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6 Tips for Navigating The Holiday Food Scene

6 Tips for Navigating The Holiday Food Scene

Steph Gaudreau