DiscoverCollege Career Connect#6. Empathize- Sindhu Kalyanasundaram
#6. Empathize- Sindhu Kalyanasundaram

#6. Empathize- Sindhu Kalyanasundaram

Update: 2019-07-141


#6. Empathize!!


Sindhu kalyanasundaram is the founder and Chief mentor at ignite akademi where she helps organizations enhance the effectiveness of their People Capital.


Armed with rich Business, Strategy and Consulting experience in India and the United Kingdom, an MBA in marketing and information technology from SP Jain Institute of Management & Research, Mumbai, Sindhu brings the real time corporate world into her training programmes.



This episode sindhu talks about her journey as a business analyst and shares her insights on becoming a better communicator.


Time stamps:


03:22 A journey of thousand miles

05:14 Cultural differences and learnings

07:17 Representing India in SIFE worldcup

08:37 Hats a business analyst wears.

13:21 How to be a better communicator?

16:15 Persuasive communication

18:59 Challenges sindhu faced.

20:14 Key behind getting into India's top business schools

21:32 Diverse backgrounds in MBA

23:14 Tips to an MBA student

23:57 Avenues after MBA

25:29 How Sindhu learnt what's was expected from her?

27:18 Understanding one's own strengths

29:07 Transition readiness

31:41 Sindhu's favorite value

32:35 Saying NO? No more difficult.

34:04 Assertiveness attitude

34:47 How reading 15 mins a day could help?

37:00 How to provide feedback?

38:44 Leadership

39:43 Sindhu back in the 20's

40:24 Learnings from communities

41:30 Spread the tiny iota of happiness  



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#6. Empathize- Sindhu Kalyanasundaram

#6. Empathize- Sindhu Kalyanasundaram