DiscoverFeedback with EarBuds60: "Lesser-Known Historical Figures" Week
60: "Lesser-Known Historical Figures" Week

60: "Lesser-Known Historical Figures" Week

Update: 2020-11-23


Welcome to episode 60, *Lesser-Known Historical Figures.* This week’s curator is Andy Earnshaw of the Old Bones podcast.

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Here are the episodes chosen by Andy Earnshaw:

The British History Podcast

In Search of Unity - A Tale of Selective Memory
27 minutes

The Humanity Archive

Toussaint L'Ouverture: Revolution Now
60 minutes

The Dirt Podcast

The Dirt Digs Pride
56 minutes

Noble Blood

The Blood Sacrifice of the Tang Emperor
30 minutes

Old Bones

Cladh Hallan - Bronze Age Mummification and Frankenstein's Scottish Monsters
40 minutes

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60: "Lesser-Known Historical Figures" Week

60: "Lesser-Known Historical Figures" Week

Arielle Nissenblatt