60: Leadership Training

60: Leadership Training

Update: 2022-08-22


I want to prepare you with some important components to consider as you’re planning for your organization’s growth, specifically in relation to your leadership development initiatives.

Now whether you’re working on a slow and steady growth strategy, or you have a more aggressive plan – your bottom lines are going to be hit or missed in correlation with the type of leadership that exists.

And leadership is a widely understood priority, we spent over 40 billion dollars last year in the US on leadership development. So if you recognize that there’s room for or a need for development in this area in your teams, you’re probably onto something.

So the first thing I’ll say when looking at adding something to your leadership development is to determine the type of development that you’re after. Some things to consider are who will be participating and what types of skill sets are needed.

For example, for new participant some of the areas we train on include communication – styles, interpretation, and delivery, utilizing time, energy and outcomes, creating results while feeling good, failure and success, and taking action.

Once there’s a deeper understanding and development with the participant, they become ready to move into more advanced masteries that allow him or her to create coachable environments and lead with techniques and strategies that develop team members toward their own leadership advancements.

Some indicators that our coaching and tools are needed include inconsistent performance, incohesive teams, lacking leadership, turnover rates, low case acceptance, mismanaged time, stress or tension in the practices, lack of clarity in what is wanted or expected, dissatisfaction and negativity, escalating concerns that aren’t being resolved, cultural disharmony, lack of ownership mentality, blaming, excuses, and disengagement.









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60: Leadership Training

60: Leadership Training

Chelsea Myers