DiscoverBuild Your Network607: Dean Dutro | It Only Takes One Success
607: Dean Dutro | It Only Takes One Success

607: Dean Dutro | It Only Takes One Success

Update: 2021-05-22


When you become addicted to seeing and building the growth of others, you’d be surprised how much you grow yourself. 

Dean Dutro is the Co-Founder of Worth eCommerce, a company with a sole focus on growing revenue by creating a lasting relationship between people and their customers through the most personable form of digital connection: email. Dean is also the Founder of Email Growth Training and Co-Host of the Relationship Commerce Podcast. 

I’m looking forward to getting into this conversation with Dean, a networking and relationship expert who learned that it only takes one success. Listen in to find out more!

Things you will learn in this episode: 

[00:01 - 05:24 ] Opening Segment 

  • I introduce today’s guest, Dean Dutro
  • Bio 
  • Be sure to check out and start booking
  • Dean shares a bit of his background 
  • Growing up in rural Oregon 
  • Parents owning a small business
  • Student exchange in Japan
  • Pushed towards college 

[05:25 - 17:34 ] Exploring the World and Navigating the Job Space

  • Dean talks about his transition period away from his small town and into career
  • A desire to see what was out there 
  • Getting into college for communications 
  • An enjoyment of finding education around relationships 
  • Thoughts on education
  • Life post-college - navigating the job space
  • Exploring Europe
  • Going through several jobs and businesses
  • Going back and working with his dad to learn business
  • Offer to work for another company
  • Learning to be a leader
  • The decision to go out on your own
  • Influence from a friend in the digital space 
  • Travel the world and start something new 
  •  A word from our sponsor

[17:35 - 27:31 ] it Only Takes One Success

  • Dean talks about failing the business he started 
  • Crash and burn 
  • Bad power dynamic and gap in knowledge
  • Beginning to find success 
  • Asked to do email marketing 
  • Becoming the ‘email guy’ 
  • Building and recruiting a team 
  • Time to build culture and community 
  • The start of starting a successful ecommerce business
  • Joining a mastermind 
  • Merging forces with a partner 
  • Dean’s advice in finding success
  • Identify the sales channel that will work for you 
  • Niching down and solving a specific problem 
  • Hire someone for tasks that let you focus on other things

[27:32 - 34:53 ] Closing Segment

  • Who you know or what you know?
  • You need both - it depends on where you are in your career
  • First start on your craft and skill set 
  • The value of joining a network 
  • Learning everything needed to building a business 
  • Dean’s experience in podcasting 
  • The value of connecting with other business owners 
  • Connecting other people as well
  • ThE RaNdOm ROunD
  • How to engage with Dean
  • Links below
  • Final words 

Tweetable Quotes: 

“I kind of became addicted. I loved being able to send an email, and know that cash was gonna land in their pocket that day.” - Dean Dutro

“A big change from the way I viewed business from the first year… I had this idea in mind that I wanted to build a culture, I wanted to build a community, I wanted to help businesses grow, and I wanted to make sure that I was growing and my team was growing.” - Dean Dutro

Resources Mentioned:

Connect with Dean on LinkedIn. Go to and learn even more about building your relationship commerce!  

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607: Dean Dutro | It Only Takes One Success

607: Dean Dutro | It Only Takes One Success

Travis Chappell