DiscoverCrime Junkie61: MURDERED: The Watts Family
61: MURDERED: The Watts Family

61: MURDERED: The Watts Family

Update: 2018-12-2465


The most recent family annihilator case in the U.S. was incredibly heartbreaking and had every American checking their TVs and smart phones regularly for updates. In this week's episode, we give you our take on the case of Chris Watts who murdered his wife Shanann and their to young daughters, 4-year-old Bella and 3-year old Celeste. 

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Comments (14)

jkiel d

I am in tears ... what a monster

May 21st

Alissa Maxwell

I deeply regret listening to this. I think you went a little too far with the gruesome details. If this story disturbed you as much as you say, imagine how parents of toddlers feel. I am a loyal listener and I'm sure others want all the details. Maybe in future, include a warning on episodes that have especially horrific details?

Apr 13th

Shayla Campbell

This is the saddest story ever...

Apr 11th

Johane Mc Duff

He killed his family because he's greedy. Alimony and child support for 3 young kids is expensive. He went about his business as if nothing ever happened like the sociopath that he is.

Mar 31st


I am left without words. Wow you girls are Awesome!!!

Feb 23rd

Désirée König

There was a family annihilator case in my village when I was 8. Small village of 500 people. The story is told like this: father comes home to find his 2 children burned to death and his wife severely burned. She dies a couple of days later in hospital from her burns. No case is ever opened. The village people of the village say she was depressed; they also disapprove of her because she was a working mother. Everybody 'just knows' that she did it. That's the official conclusion. I don't know if police investigated the father seriously, but it feels like there was not enough done.

Feb 20th

Summer Martinez

heartbreaking story. I'm currently in a very abusive relationship where my boyfriend has beat me and threatened to kill me and my dogs and mom. I'm getting ready to see a therapist and possibly restraining order against him. thanks for this

Feb 17th

Kristy-Lea Thrift

Summer Martinez are you ok? please try and get out! you're worth so much more!

Mar 1st

Christina Freshour

Summer Martinez RUN! Definitely get the restraining order. Put your friends and family on alert. Also, maybe download this app... the functionality may save your life.

Feb 23rd

Kayte Bergey

My first comment on any podcast ever - phenomenal work, great investigation, my heart is broken. Amazing work ladies!

Feb 3rd

Christopher J. Perez

that part were the little girl sang the song about her dad being a hero broke my heart! I would die for my children.

Jan 22nd

LeAnna Shane Tanenbaum

so for anyone interested, if you are a Scribd member with a subscription, you can read all the court documents involved with this case. including the deleted texts,transcripts from interviews, autopsy results etc.

Dec 28th

Irene B

Youtube (police body cam) video on this sad story:

Dec 25th
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61: MURDERED: The Watts Family

61: MURDERED: The Watts Family

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