61 | Guitar Hero: Kai Huang

61 | Guitar Hero: Kai Huang

Update: 2020-06-27


Bootstrapping, facing bankruptcy, and South Park-- this is the startup story of Guitar Hero. In this episode, Lucia sits down with Kai Huang, the cofounder of Red Octane, the company behind Guitar Hero to learn about the ups and downs of starting a company during a recession. Kai speaks about how he and his brother built a video game rental business that evolved into creating one of the most beloved games in the United States.


Kai Huang: https://www.linkedin.com/in/kai-huang-813142/

South Park Guitar Hero Episode: https://elizabethyin.com/ and how she raised $11.5 Million for her fund

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Let’s Talk is an Asian x Black dialogue series with the goal of opening conversations between the Black and Asian communities. It’s through understanding each other’s struggles that we can come out stronger together. The goal of this series is not to talk about how Asians can support Black Lives Matter or how to fight against Anti-Asian sentiments but more so an exploration and conversation between two groups of people who have different, yet similar experiences.


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61 | Guitar Hero: Kai Huang

61 | Guitar Hero: Kai Huang

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