DiscoverBuild Your Network612: Eugenia Kuzmina | Finding Success in the Entertainment Industry
612: Eugenia Kuzmina | Finding Success in the Entertainment Industry

612: Eugenia Kuzmina | Finding Success in the Entertainment Industry

Update: 2021-05-28


We know by now that one of the most important aspects of your success is your hustle, your networking, and your ability to connect! Today’s guest has done all of those since she was a little girl.

From standing in the food lines in post-Soviet Russia, to the cover of Glamour Magazine, Russian-American Eugenia Kuzmina is a world-renowned model, movie star (including working with some of Hollywood’s biggest stars and most celebrated directors), comedian, and model mom. She’s been called “the hardest working mom in Hollywood.” Eugenia shares that everything in her life comes as the result of working hard and understanding networking from an adding value and generosity perspective.

Don’t miss out on this insightful conversation as hear why Eugenia Kuzmina started modeling young as a way to take care of her mom and sister. You’re in for a treat.

Things you will learn in this episode: 

[00:01  – 06:49 ] Opening Segment 

• I introduce today’s guest, Eugenia Kuzmina

o Bio 

• Be sure to check out and start booking

• Eugenia gives us some background on her life

o Father was a Russian nuclear physicist. 

o Mom was a scientist who stayed home to help her family. 

o Eugenia was a self-described “rebel” who was always curious. 

o Her father died when she was 15.

o She learned early to live in survivor mode; she became the primary breadwinner for the family at that young age. 



[06:50- 15:47 ] Model as her primary foray into the entertainment world

• She was scouted on the streets, but got in with a famous Russian designer 

• Eugenia was scouted to go to Paris and her family was very supportive

• Soon after her father died, she really worked hard to provide for her family; so it was no longer about modeling and entertainment, but about finding work.

• She was curious as a child, would talk to American and other tourists, and began to question some of the communist history books. She really wanted to go explore the world for herself. 

• Paris and modeling really became her ticket out

• Eugenia, always wanting to learn, speaks or somewhat understands NINE different languages! 

• Why there is always extra food backstage at modeling shows, and why Eugenia would join Russian moms “collecting” it


[15:48  – 19:17 ]  The Big Move to New York and Rise to the Top

• Her big moves were to London and New York, because that was where supermodels went. 

• She moved to New York at 21 with seven years of experience, and street smarts from her time in Japan. 

• She was scouted by some huge names in the fashion world, started attending business school at nights, investing in stocks, and working on her career and personal growth

• She was told by her doctors in Russia that she would probably never be able to have a family; but became pregnant and began rethinking her career.

[19:18  - 21:36 ]  Broadening Horizons to Acting, Comedy, Big Screen

• She wanted to create her own brand, and not solely be a model for hire. 

• Movies and Acting was “an accident!”

• She had always loved movies, but she met her husband who was a producer (now CEO of Miramax).

• They moved to Los Angeles, started her family and networking

• “Which do you enjoy most: modeling, acting, comedy?” “I really love working with creative and talented people.” 

[21:37 - 24:00  ]  What’s Next for Eugenia Kuzmina

• She has been doing more comedy during the pandemic on various platforms

• A show in Vegas at the Wynn sponsored by Zappos??? It’s a possibility… and Travis will be invited! Stay tuned.

• She has returned from Turkey where she was shooting Guy Ritchie's latest action film: Five Eyes. Costars included Hugh Grant and Jason Statham.

• She was thankful her role this time wasn’t a Russian Spy!

• Eugenia is currently practicing and rehearsing for the Fox show: I Can See Your Voice.

[24:0131:30  ]  How Eugenia Kuzmina views Relationship Building and Networking


• In Hollywood, the right relationships are everything

o With so much money changing hands, you have to know who to trust

• Some say Hollywood is only about who you know

o Eugenia disagrees! What are you bringing to the table?

• Ultimately, relationship building is about being generous 

o What can you give? 

o How can you add value? 

• Can you be centered? You have to know who you are! 

o If you connect people first, they will remember you. So give your best!

• Who you know or what you know?

o What you know! And are you ready to give your best. 

o Then, if you are trusted, who you know matters!

• She was fired from a few films—she shares why, and why she gets it and believes it was the right thing at the time. 

[31:30  – 34:04  ]  The Closing Segment and the RaNdOmrOUnd

• How to engage with Eugenia

o Links below

• Final words 


Tweetable Quotes: 

“I had a lot of will power and resilience, so definitely I see it as a blessing.” – Eugenia Kuzmina 

“Modeling seems so glamorous. Many times, you can get seduced by the outside part of it… but many times you are really alone and isolating.” – Eugenia Kuzmina

“So many times, people come to LA thinking it’s all about who you know, not what you bring. I really disagree.” – Eugenia Kuzmina

Resources Mentioned:

• Chernobyl on HBO

• Five Eyes Film



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612: Eugenia Kuzmina | Finding Success in the Entertainment Industry

612: Eugenia Kuzmina | Finding Success in the Entertainment Industry

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