DiscoverBuild Your Network615: Jason Harris | How to Persuade Without Being Annoying
615: Jason Harris | How to Persuade Without Being Annoying

615: Jason Harris | How to Persuade Without Being Annoying

Update: 2021-06-01


A huge part of any business is persuasion. Influencing people into buying your products, availing of your services, or supporting your brand is an art, and that is what Jason Harris will talk about in this episode. Jason Harris is the co-founder and CEO of Mekanism, a marketing company. Today, Jason talks about how you can persuade people without being annoying. He also shares his thoughts on college education, building a network, and starting your own venture.

Join us and learn how you can influence other people and build your network effectively! 

[00:01 - 04:00 ] Opening Segment 

  • I introduce Jason to the show
  • Jason’s background
  • A quick fun chat between me and Jason

[04:01 - 14:39 ] Starting Your Own Venture is a Long Game

  • Jason’s teenage years
  • Being a fan of the band Kiss
  • How Kiss persuaded people by storytelling
  • How Jason got into advertising and marketing
  • The influence of TV
  • Analyzing TV commercials in his early years
  • Jason’s thoughts on going to college
  • College: Good use of time or not?
  • Advantages of going to college 
  • Study something you’re interested in 
  • Working in the advertising industry
  • Why entrepreneurship is a long game
  • Learning from work experience
  • How working at other places enhances your decision making

[14:40 - 25:20 ] CEO of Mekanism Talks Business and Networking

  • Transitioning to business
  • Don’t do it on your own
  • Building a team
  • The advantage of even distribution of equity among partners
  • How to stay on the same page with your partners
  • Never let relationships drop to zero
  • Keeping your network thriving and alive

[25:21 - 30:14 ] Closing Segment

  • The soulful art of persuasion
  • Why being yourself is key
  • Having a generous mindset
  • A preview of Jason’s new book

Tweetable Quotes: 

“I subscribed to playing the long game. Knowing if that’s something you want to do, there’s value in picking up information, clues, and ideas from working at other places… It’s gonna save you time from making a lot of mistakes or pitfalls...” - Jason Harris

“You think you don’t have to be disciplined, but discipline drives habit, and habit drives the success of building that network… Popping an article to them when you’re thinking about them takes about 10 seconds. It doesn’t have to be carving out an hour for a conversation in our busy schedule, but keeping people on top of mind and building your network in that way really keeps that network thriving and alive... - Jason Harris

Resources Mentioned:

Connect with Jason on LinkedIn, Instagram, and Twitter. Check out his new book, The Soulful Art of Persuasion.

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615: Jason Harris | How to Persuade Without Being Annoying

615: Jason Harris | How to Persuade Without Being Annoying

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