DiscoverBuild Your Network616: Ali Awad | Delay Gratification with the CEO Lawyer
616: Ali Awad | Delay Gratification with the CEO Lawyer

616: Ali Awad | Delay Gratification with the CEO Lawyer

Update: 2021-06-03


In today’s world, too many individuals choose to keep up with the Joneses instead of working on their business or self-improvement. On top of that, many of those people want it quick. Sometimes, delaying gratification is what you need to succeed. This is what Ali Awad will talk about in this episode. Ali is the founder and CEO of Ali Awad Law. He specializes in personal injury and has helped a lot of people after car accidents by giving them legal advice. 

Ali shares his experience starting as an entrepreneur at a young age, from selling stuff on Ebay to running his own law firm. He also talks about how he gained the right experience by working in a small company. Ali also gives his thoughts on why delayed gratification is the secret sauce to success. Join us and listen in!

[00:01 - 06:00 ] Opening Segment

  • I introduce Ali to the show
  • Ali’s background
  • Being an entrepreneur at a young age
  • His humble beginnings as a hustler

[06:01 - 18:59 ] How the CEO Lawyer Gained the Right Experience

  • Going to college and law school
  • Why Ali did not want to go to law school at first
  • How higher education opened up opportunities for him
  • Ali’s initial steps when he came out of law school
  • How working in a small company gave Ali the right experience
  • Why learning the game is important
  • How the experience helped him in setting up his own business

[19:00 - 27:39 ] Delaying the Gratification

  • Our thoughts on the entitlement mentality
  • Humility and keeping up with the Joneses
  • Investing vs. spending
  • What Ali did with his first million
  • Delayed gratification is the secret sauce

[27:40 - 29:42 ] Closing Segment

  • How you can connect with Ali
  • Ali’s plans on writing his own book
  • Final words

Tweetable Quotes: 

“You have to make yourself scarce, so that you’re more in demand. You have to do that yourself. Just the degree isn’t enough anymore. Just the certification isn’t enough anymore. You have to take it by the horns and take control of your destiny, because nobody else is gonna do that for you,” - Travis Chappell

“You have to go through that pain the first year, two years, three years of learning with a small company. All the ins and outs of growing your business, starting your business, acquiring clients, setting up your digital persona, all of this is not going to be learned in a big organization.” - Ali Awad

Resources Mentioned:

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616: Ali Awad | Delay Gratification with the CEO Lawyer

616: Ali Awad | Delay Gratification with the CEO Lawyer

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