DiscoverHanging Out With Jesus Podcast62: Suicide or Cutting/ NOT the Answer
62: Suicide or Cutting/ NOT the Answer

62: Suicide or Cutting/ NOT the Answer

Update: 2022-09-08


Suicide, cutting and  mental illness are on the rise. In this episode Lisa Campbell, a licensed Social Worker, joins host, Lyvita Brooks to discuss 4 things. First, understanding the terms, warning signs, who might attempt suicide and lastly, there is another way of relieving your pain because life is worth living. The Suicide and Crisis Lifeline or Hotline is 988.  

Saints, this episode is not about rather a person is saved, if they cut themselves or die from committing suicide or have a mental illness. Nor is this episode about, if one loses their salvation if they do commit suicide or die because of it. There is enough information and discussion about that on other podcasts, blogs, magazines, medical information and research, and the National Suicide Prevention and Mental Health Advocacy organization website.   

Some of us think that Christians should be the "FREE- est" people in the world from dealing with the problems of suicide, or cutting, even mental illnesses. Why? Because Christians have surrendered to the will of God through Jesus Christ.  The truth is, Christians are not immune and it all depends on the one thing only God can see, but man can't...a person's heart.

The key is developing an on-going relationship with Christ through His word. Then applying His word. One's heart, your heart, your heart's motive, only God knows the truth and you in part.  Don't get me wrong in Christ Jesus, you will find hope not a "magic pain-reliever" but the truth.  The love, security, and hope you carve are found in Christ Jesus. How much of His love, security and hope you receive will depend on you, even though He has more than an abundance.

And yet this episode is not about that either. It’s about awakening  you to the reality that there will be some Christians that will commit suicide and some will cut themselves, even our youth. We share tools and resources to help if it happens to you or someone you know, and the signs. We are not medical doctors nor are we giving medical advice.  These are our experiences as educators, social worker, and believers in Christ.

Once again the Suicide and Crisis Lifeline is 988.  Shalom.









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62: Suicide or Cutting/ NOT the Answer

62: Suicide or Cutting/ NOT the Answer

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