DiscoverBuild Your Network621: Matt Barnes | Former NBA Player's Life Changing Call from Kobe
621: Matt Barnes | Former NBA Player's Life Changing Call from Kobe

621: Matt Barnes | Former NBA Player's Life Changing Call from Kobe

Update: 2021-06-08



One conversation could change the whole trajectory of your life. That was certainly the story for former NBA player Matt Barnes. Matt was in the NBA for 14 seasons, drafted in 2002 and won a NBA Championship in 2017.

Growing up, facing hardships and racial prejudice was a big part of Matt’s life. Having an affinity for sports, he worked hard and trained up and became the man he is today. He inspires many not only through his athletic career but also his podcast, All the Smoke, and his work with his non-profit, Athletes vs. Cancer, where he partners with other athletes and celebrities to promote early detection and other preventive measures. 

Dive right into this special episode and learn more about this former NBA’s life changing call from Kobe.

Things you will learn in this episode: 

[00:01 - 05:15 ] Opening Segment 

  • I introduce today’s guest, Matt Barnes
  • Matt shares his background
  • Living in California
  • Growing up with drug addicted parents
  • Navigating racism 
  • Gaining acceptance through sports
  • Dealing with labels
  • Learning to fit in any room 

[05:16 - 19:33 ] Mastering the Mental Game

  • Matt’s thoughts on parenthood
  • Everything was trial and error 
  • Seeing the effects of drugs and sickness
  • Having the Cannabis talk
  • Making sure kids hear it from YOU first
  • Matt’s experience growing up
  • Matt talks about the moment he began pursuing the NBA
  • Realizing the natural talent
  • Working harder in college 
  • Making it in any big league
  • Dealing with being cut 
  • The game is 90% mental
  • It’s the mental game that made Kobe and LeBron tick
  • Focusing on being a start in your own role
  • The importance of understanding the long game
  • You have the tools, don’t give up too early
  • Top 3 most memorable moments in the league
  • Making it 
  • The moment of finding his footing
  • Taking the NBA experience into the business world

[19:34 - 28:42 ] Former NBA's Life Changing Call from Kobe

  • Matt’s relationship with Kobe
  • Starting into the league with Kobe
  • The goal is to guard this guy
  • The Ball Fake
  • The call that changed everything 
  • Setting the scene of the interview
  • Getting the call from Kobe
  • Invited to be a Laker
  • From competitors to brothers 
  • Hanging out off the court 
  • Breaking the walls down 
  • Seeing the other side of a person
  • Matt tells a story of Kobe
  • Wanting people to know you beyond the sport
  • A word from our sponsor

[28:43 - 36:06 ] From the Court to the Business World

  • Matt talks about stepping into the business world 
  • Getting in late in the game
  • Getting his kids into the podcast space 
  • Networking with me at an event
  • Deciding to make smart investments
  • Only the things you believe in 
  • Hopping on and increasing value
  • What’s coming next for Matt
  • Disrupting your space 
  • Focusing on investments

[36:07 - 42:37 ] Closing Segment

  • How relationships led Matt to success in the business space
  • The ability to connect dots
  • Examples of partnerships and team ups 
  • All about who you know
  • Surround yourself with people smarter than you
  • How to engage with Matt
  • Links below
  • Final words 

Tweetable Quotes: 

“It was another humbling experience, you know, but like I said, it really made me hungrier. Like, I know… what do I need to work on what I need to do to get there? So that's really kind of where I developed my work ethic.” - Matt Barnes

“What people don't understand is once you get to that top level, whatever sport it is, or whatever profession it is, 90% of the game is mental.” - Matt Barnes

“We went from like teammates and respected competitors to two brothers, because we would hang out all the time off the court.” - Matt Barnes

“You have to disrupt whatever space you're in to really kind of make any money or any noise.” - Matt Barnes

Resources Mentioned:

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621: Matt Barnes | Former NBA Player's Life Changing Call from Kobe

621: Matt Barnes | Former NBA Player's Life Changing Call from Kobe

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