63 Allison and Isaac Rochell

63 Allison and Isaac Rochell

Update: 2021-04-28


This week on Couple Things, we talked with Allison and Issac Rochell who just had the most dreamy wedding in Cabo. Our guests often bring up this topic during our conversations when asked what's helped their communication, so we wanted to dive deeper into the subject.

Here are a few topics that we cover:

  • Their wedding

  • How it feels to be married

  • Navigating the NFL lifestyle

  • Deciding to move in together

  • Being a multi-religious couple

  • Navigating being in an interracial couple

  • How they met

  • How Allison got started on Youtube

  • Their mission as a couple

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63 Allison and Isaac Rochell

63 Allison and Isaac Rochell

Shawn Johnson + Andrew East