DiscoverThe Matt Walker Podcast#64 - Sleep & Athletes with Dr. Michael Grandner pt.1
#64 - Sleep & Athletes with Dr. Michael Grandner pt.1

#64 - Sleep & Athletes with Dr. Michael Grandner pt.1

Update: 2024-01-01


In this week’s episode, Dr. Michael Grandner joins Matt to explore the critical role of sleep in athletic performance. Together, they emphasize that sleep is not just about physical rest but also plays a significant role in mental performance, decision-making, and motivation.

Dr. Grandner discusses how sleep is essential for various aspects of athletic success, including physical performance, mental performance, recovery, and mental health. He highlights that sleep isn't just a passive activity; it actively contributes to integrating daytime experiences, optimizing decision-making, and enhancing coordination.

The podcast also addresses the misconception that sacrificing sleep is a badge of commitment in sports. Both speakers stress the importance of sleep as a foundational element, comparable to food, that touches every aspect of an athlete's performance. They discuss studies demonstrating how sleep deprivation not only impacts physical abilities but also impairs decision-making and motivation. The conversation underscores the universality of sleep's influence on our ability to make better choices, whether we're athletes or not.


Please note that Matt is not a medical doctor, and none of the content in this podcast should be considered medical advice in any way, shape, or form, nor prescriptive in any way. 

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For more from Dr. Michael Grandner, follow him on Twitter @michaelgrandner

For information about the Sleep and Health Research Program, visit the lab website.

For media and information requests, meeting requests, and consultation, contact Dr. Grandner.


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#64 - Sleep & Athletes with Dr. Michael Grandner pt.1

#64 - Sleep & Athletes with Dr. Michael Grandner pt.1

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