DiscoverThe Death Dialogues Project64. Trauma & Resilience: Kemia Sarraf, MD, MPH
64. Trauma & Resilience: Kemia Sarraf, MD, MPH

64. Trauma & Resilience: Kemia Sarraf, MD, MPH

Update: 2020-05-01


On this episode you hear the current thoughts from a physician, public health specialist, mother, partner, human— as we discuss our current experience with living in the midst of the covid19 pandemic. Dr Sarraf is an Internist and Public Health professional who left clinical medicine more than a decade ago to start a public health initiative for children in her community focused on working with and teaching children in schools and community organizations to “Eat Real, Move More” through programming in the kitchen, gardens and playgrounds. Kemia is also an trauma specialist and executive coach who melded these two disparate fields into a coaching paradigm specifically for physicians and other professionals who are experiencing high levels of chronic toxic stress and secondary trauma (aka “Burnout”) in their workplace. She is the CEO of Lodestar Consulting and Executive Coaching.

Married to a physician who will be a part of the frontline in this pandemic, Kemia is currently holed up with her four sons, providing a public health perspective in several local physician groups, blogging on FB in a desperate bid to get her community to understand the concept of radical social distancing to flatten the curve, and fielding calls from clients, all while trying desperately to avoid listening to her two youngest children “read” to her during homeschool hours. The live on a small family farm where it is currently lambing season, the muskrat have invaded the ponds and it’s raining enough to need an ark; she firmly believes all those things should be part of her boy's curriculum. She would very much like to know when the “social distancing” part of this pandemic will kick in for her in her home...

Kemia M. Sarraf, M.D., M.P.H., CCC, TIPC™
CEO, Lodestar
Lodestar - Direction when you’ve lost your True North.


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64. Trauma & Resilience: Kemia Sarraf, MD, MPH

64. Trauma & Resilience: Kemia Sarraf, MD, MPH

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