DiscoverThe Tech Savvy Lawyer#65: Technologies impact on access to justice with Bridget Mary McCormick
#65: Technologies impact on access to justice with Bridget Mary McCormick

#65: Technologies impact on access to justice with Bridget Mary McCormick

Update: 2023-06-20


Bridget Mary McCormack

In today's episode, we embark on an enlightening conversation with Bridget Mary McCormack, exploring the transformative potential of technology in the courtroom, its impact on underserved communities, and the lessons attorneys can learn to better serve their clients. Bridget Mary McCormack led the court in embracing technology and its transformative potential during her tenure as Chief Justice of the Michigan Supreme Court. Get ready for a thought-provoking episode filled with insights and inspiration.

Bridget is now the President and CEO of the American Arbitration Association International Centre for Dispute Resolution. With a remarkable career in the legal field, Bridget has been at the forefront of championing innovation and technology to improve access to justice.  As a New York University Law School graduate, she began her legal career in New York City before joining the faculty at Yale Law School and later the University of Michigan Law School. Her dedication to the legal profession is evident through her various appointments and roles, including serving on The American Law Institute, the National Commission on Forensic Science, and the Michigan Judicial Council. Moreover, Bridget's work extends beyond the courtroom, as she actively contributes to legal education and publication efforts. As an Editor of the American Bar Association's prestigious Litigation Journal, she continues to shape and influence the legal landscape.

Join Bridget and me as we discuss the following three questions and more!

  1. What are the three biggest takeaways the courts have learned from technology during COVID?

  2. What are three ways technology has helped the underserved?
    Bonus Question! What are three things that lawyers can learn about serving underserved population segments in addition to their existing clientele?

  3. What are the three most common mistakes attorneys and the public make with using technology in the courtroom? 

In our conversation, we cover:

[00:54 ] Tech Setup on the Go: A Window into Bridget's Digital Arsenal

[12:40 ] Revolutionizing the Courts: Unveiling the Transformative Power of Technology

[16:19 ] The Unforeseen Benefits: Witness Comfort and Safety in Virtual Hearings

[20:12 ] Transforming Access to Justice: Empowering the Underserved through Technology

[21:42 ] Empowering Change: Equipping Attorneys to Serve the Underserved

[22:36 ] Democratizing Legal Solutions: Embracing DIY Platforms in Access to Justice Solutions

[23:19 ] Unleashing the Potential: Three Tools for a Transformed Legal Landscape

[27:27 ] Navigating the Technological Terrain: Common Mistakes in the Courtroom


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#65: Technologies impact on access to justice with Bridget Mary McCormick

#65: Technologies impact on access to justice with Bridget Mary McCormick

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