DiscoverBuild Your Network653: Brett Helling | How to Leverage the Gig Economy
653: Brett Helling | How to Leverage the Gig Economy

653: Brett Helling | How to Leverage the Gig Economy

Update: 2021-07-15


“Leveraging the gig economy for long-term success is more of a dream than a reality for most people,” but that could all be changing. Brett Helling is an entrepreneur who specializes in building, growing, and maintaining successful websites.

He has worked in the rideshare space since 2014, when he left corporate America behind and started driving for Uber and Lyft. inspired by the love of the freedom and flexibility that comes with owning a business, he started, the website that connects workers to in-depth information about the gig economy. He is also the author of the book, Gigworker. 

Listen in and learn from Brett about the future of gig workers and how to leverage the gig economy

Things you will learn in this episode: 

[00:01 - 05:24 ] Opening Segment  

  • I introduce today’s guest, Brett Helling
  • Brett gives us some background on his story
  • Supportive upbringing 
  • Building a business as a kid
  • Gaining the desire to build a business 
  • Getting into investments and driving

[05:25 - 13:05 ] The Gig Economy is Here to Stay

  • Brett talks about why he decided to work for himself
  • Being told what to do 
  • Income isn’t the only factor 
  • The first website Brett ventured into 
  • Ridester 
  • Learning the power of building a website
  • Recognizing the future of the gig economy 
  • Brett’s venture into the gigworker website
  • Gig economy is here to stay 
  • A word from our Sponsor 

[13:06 - 24:34 ] How to Leverage the Gig Economy

  • The importance of niching down 
  • The best people are the ones who do one thing 
  • The balance between figuring it out vs. staying in your wheelhouse
  • Have the honest conversation
  • Brett talks about gigworker 
  • How it came to be 
  • Building it up 
  • How to get out of the 9 to 5 and into the gig economy
  • Why do you want to get in?
  • What are you good at?
  • Examples and advice
  • Biggest missteps in transitioning into the gig world
  • Discipline 
  • Managing tasks
  • Resources and task management

[24:35 - 29:34 ] Brett Helling on Building Your Network 

  • Who you know or what you know?
  • Equally important but depends on the why
  • When a relationship led Brett to a great opportunity
  • Networking with a scaling coach 
  • Getting around a group of peers to network 
  • Parting advice on leaving the 9 to 5
  • Look at what you’re leaving 
  • Be ready to put in the sacrifice

[29:35 - 33:50 ] Closing Segment

  • ThE RaNdOm RoUnD
  • How to engage with Brett
  • Links below 
  • Final words 

Tweetable Quotes: 

“The gig economy is here to stay, people are really making that shift… That’s the direction business is going.” - Brett Helling

“The first thing I would suggest people do when looking to get into the gig economy is ask themselves, why do you want to get into it...? and what are you good at?” - Brett Helling

Resources Mentioned: 

Connect and engage with Brett on LinkedIn or email directly at Be sure to go to and unlock your gig work potential!

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653: Brett Helling | How to Leverage the Gig Economy

653: Brett Helling | How to Leverage the Gig Economy

Travis Chappell