DiscoverBuild Your Network655: Elliot Roe | Prime Your Mind to Unlock Your Full Potential
655: Elliot Roe | Prime Your Mind to Unlock Your Full Potential

655: Elliot Roe | Prime Your Mind to Unlock Your Full Potential

Update: 2021-07-17


If you feel like you’re not living up to your potential, or there is something holding you back, this episode may be exactly what you need to break through and refocus. Here to help is Elliot Roe.

Elliot is a world-renowned Mindset and Performance Coach who helps those in highly demanding industries (athletes, Olympians, UFC champions, etc...) unlock their full potential, perform on-demand, and live a limitless life. He is the host of The Primed Mind Podcast, and is the voice of the Primed Mind performance coaching app. By leveraging hypnotherapy, mindset training, and high-performance strategies he helps people eliminate fears and breakthrough mental roadblocks.

Let’s dive right in and learn more from Elliot on how to prime your mind to unlock your full potential.

Things you will learn in this episode: 

[00:01 - 06:50 ] Opening Segment  

  • I introduce today’s guest, 
  • Be sure to check out 
  • Elliot gives us some background on his upbringing and experience
  • Learning communication through unique circumstances
  • The impacts of hypnotherapy

[06:51 - 14:44 ] Practically Unlocking Your Passion 

  •  Elliot talks about going into his own business
  • A safe position to make the shift 
  • Advice to someone who is looking to transition into entrepreneurship
  • Be realistic about your finances 
  • Passion and love for what you do
  • Passion vs. practicality 
  • The concept of world class 
  • Passion goes nowhere without effort
  • Helping people with mindset under pressure
  • The example of professional poker

[14:45 - 21:50 ] How to Unlock Your Potential

  • Elliot gives us a glimpse into the process
  • Looking at the issue first 
  • Tackling fears and irrationalities 
  • Looking for the physical reactions
  • Reframing and working through past traumas
  • How to get over mental blocks 
  • Learned behaviors 
  • How it relates to parental love
  • A word from our sponsor

[21:51 - 31:24 ] Closing Segment

  • Elliot talks about the hypnotherapist software he created
  • What to expect on the app 
  • Links below
  • Elliot’s final words of advice
  • You are not your issues
  • Who you know or what you know?
  • Who you know is what you know 
  • No one successful does anything on their own
  • What we can do to overcome anxiety in networking 
  • Breathing exercises
  • Visualize yourself overcoming issues
  • ThE RaNdOm RoUnD
  • How to engage with Elliot
  • Links below 
  • Final words 

Tweetable Quotes: 

“I do believe that if you find something you really love and that you’re passionate about, you can make almost anything very successful… People will pay for anything that’s made with passion and love.” - Elliot Roe

“You are not your issues… If you can start framing those issues in, ‘I learned to be anxious, I learned to be angry,’ then you can start to see a very fast, substantial change in your mindset.” - Elliot Roe

Resources Mentioned: 

Connect and engage with Elliot on Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn. Check out and unlock your full potential.

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655: Elliot Roe | Prime Your Mind to Unlock Your Full Potential

655: Elliot Roe | Prime Your Mind to Unlock Your Full Potential

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