DiscoverBuild Your Network656: Scott Shute | LinkedIn's Head of Mindfulness and Compassion
656: Scott Shute | LinkedIn's Head of Mindfulness and Compassion

656: Scott Shute | LinkedIn's Head of Mindfulness and Compassion

Update: 2021-07-19


There is a secret to long term fulfillment in life and the workplace and it is not tied to your results. Scott Shute has been an active advocate for customers and employees in the technology space for several years.

Previously, he was the Vice President of LinkedIn’s Customer Operations organization. In his current role as Head of Mindfulness and Compassion at LinkedIn, Scott blends his lifelong practice and passion with his practical leadership and operations experience. His mission is to change work from the inside out by “mainstreaming mindfulness” and “operationalizing compassion.” He is also the author of the newly released book The Full Body Yes.

Tune into my conversation with Scott Shute as we dive into what he does and how his growth process can affect change in your life and how compassion can be your business’ strategic advantage. 

Things you will learn in this episode: 

[00:01 - 04:46 ] Opening Segment  

  • I introduce today’s guest, Scott Shute
  • Scott gives us some background on his story
  • Life growing up 
  • From engineering to sales to leadership 
  • A big practice and passion for meditation 
  • Learning the impact of compassion 

[04:47 - 14:41 ] Developing Internal Strength for Long Term Fulfillment

  •  Scott talks about his venture into meditation and mindfulness
  • A thirst for learning and adventure 
  • Scott’s family
  • Attaining the inner sense of fulfillment without becoming complacent 
  • Self awareness is not weakness 
  • Clarity of values can push you forward 
  • Your success isn’t tied to outcome
  • Run your own race
  • How to let things go 
  • What do you most value?
  • A word from our sponsor

[14:42 - 26:57 ] LinkedIn's Head of Mindfulness and Compassion on Networking

  • Who you know or what you know?
  • Almost always who you know 
  • What good is your ‘what’ without friends? 
  • How to avoid bad networking 
  • Don’t be selfish 
  • Be a great listener 
  • Look to add value 
  • Defining success 
  • Going to the process not the result
  • Connecting without force 
  • Compassion as a strategic advantage 
  • We thinking 
  • More profitable
  • Top takeaways from Scott’s book 
  • From me to we
  • The deepest kind of success 

[26:58 - 35:42 ] Closing Segment

  • The value of assigning Scott’s role 
  • Balancing the needs of employees and customers 
  • Seek to add value not just profit 
  • Do you care about your employees?
  • Focusing on mindfulness 
  • Practical steps towards mindfulness and compassion 
  • LinkedIn’s approach 
  • Experimentation and research 
  • ThE RaNdOm RoUnD
  • How to engage with Scott
  • Links below 
  • Final words 

Tweetable Quotes: 

“With each achievement, we’re trying to fill the hole that can never be filled with success… You just want more… But what IS real is developing ourselves to this point where we are strong internally and we don’t need to let external validation to be happy.” - Scott Shute

“This is my growth itch… How do I do all the things to be successful, but let go of the result?” - Scott Shute

“Our job is to provide long term value… When we move away from this, ‘me, me, me,’ thinking to the ‘we’ thinking… we’re going to be better at networking, better at relationships, better at business.” - Scott Shute

Resources Mentioned: 

Connect and engage with Scott on LinkedIn (no surprise there), Instagram, and Twitter. Check out and start affecting change from the inside out.

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656: Scott Shute | LinkedIn's Head of Mindfulness and Compassion

656: Scott Shute | LinkedIn's Head of Mindfulness and Compassion

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