DiscoverBuild Your Network667: Laura Rike | How Pinterest Can Build Your Business
667: Laura Rike | How Pinterest Can Build Your Business

667: Laura Rike | How Pinterest Can Build Your Business

Update: 2021-08-02


If you’re on social media, have websites, looking to grow a client base, and have plenty of content, you absolutely should be leveraging Pinterest to promote yourself.

Laura Rike is a Pinterest Strategist who helps high-performing business owners implement content growth plans, outsource their visibility and steadily grow their monthly revenue through her signature growth to greatness framework with done for you services and course packages. In this episode, Laura offers advice on best practices and a Pinterest toolkit that will jumpstart your success today!

Let’s jump right in and learn more about how Pinterest can build your business. 

Things you will learn in this episode: 

[00:01 - 07:20 ] Opening Segment  

  • I introduce today’s guest, Laura Rike
  • Laura gives us some background on his story
  • Energetic and extraverted 
  • Background in design
  • Parents’ career background and support
  • The moment of switching directions
  • Getting work virtually 

[07:21 - 23:23 ] How Pinterest Can Build Your Business

  • How Laura began getting clients after the pivot 
  • Years of work niching down 
  • The importance of saying no
  • Laura’s advice on Pinterest as a tool for business 
  • Don’t think of it as social media but as search
  • Give solutions to potential problems
  • Who should be using Pinterest
  • Getting into the video world 
  • Examples of what you can do
  • Relating your content to the clientele 
  • Test out different content
  • Focus on quality of content
  • A word from our sponsor

[23:24 - 35:40 ] Laura Rike on Building Your Network

  • Biggest missteps in Pinterest marketing
  • Not taking time for the foundation of the profile 
  • Not giving it enough time
  • Who you know or what you know?
  • They play into each other 
  • What you know helps who you connect with 
  • You can always leverage who you know 
  • How credibility of your network can affect your Pinterest
  • 99% of the content should be yours 
  • The 1% is communities 
  • How a podcast can be leveraged 
  • Bringing people into your ecosystem 
  • Using Pinterest as a redirection site

[35:41 - 47:47 ] Closing Segment

  • How to get started!
  • Links below 
  • ThE RaNDoM RoUnD
  • How to engage with Laura
  • Links below 
  • Final words 

Tweetable Quotes: 

“If you start to think about how you can market yourself with someone who is searching for a solution to a problem that they have, that’s really how you’re going to be successful on the platform.” - Laura Rike 

“It doesn’t have to be perfect if it’s quality content.” - Laura Rike

“I help you grow your audience, grow your authority, and grow your traffic using the power of Pinterest; so that you can increase your email leads while, I say, flooding your bank account with ‘mula!’” - Laura Rike

Resources Mentioned: 

Connect and engage with Laura on Twitter, LinkedIn, and of course Pinterest! Check out and start making your Pinterest profitable.

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667: Laura Rike | How Pinterest Can Build Your Business

667: Laura Rike | How Pinterest Can Build Your Business

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