DiscoverThe Knowledge Project with Shane Parrish#69 Stephen Schwarzman: What It Takes
#69 Stephen Schwarzman: What It Takes

#69 Stephen Schwarzman: What It Takes

Update: 2019-11-1218


Blackstone CEO Stephen Schwarzman gives advice on attracting and assessing strong talent, making smart decisions, and how to press forward when the chips are down.

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mukund gautam

Agree to your comment Colin, so what are the interesting podcast according to you

Nov 18th

Colin Hughes

Waste of my time. Starting to think Shane is just another one of these guys who is using his platform to say "guess who I interviewed today" as opposed to "you'll never guess what interesting information I learnt in an interview today". I listened to this, like I listen to many of these podcasts. Open to learning. Yet, I simply could not get past the fact that, while not knowing or having seen a picture of Schwarzman, he sounds full of shit. Just another white, american-jew, happened to go to Yale & Harvard, investment bank job in the 70s, the rest is history so to speak. Why don't these guys ever say "look, let's state the obvious, I was the one who got lucky. There are thousands like me, but I'm the one who got the large slice of cake and the cherry". These guys pretend it's all them. 100% responsible for their own success. no luck involved. I find myself listening to guys like this offer nothing from a distance. The kid listening in Europe, Asia, or even the American kid who doesn't live anywhere close to Long Island, will get zero benefit from listening to this guy talk. His words are only beneficial to someone who is fortunate to be standing next to him, at some fancy party, discussing high-society privileged stuff about raping a few hundred million dollars from some unsuspecting entity. Compare his to the podcast with Naval. Naval speaks to all. Schwarzman speaks to 0.0002% of white amercia who have trusts and elaborate tax-avoidance schemes.

Nov 16th








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#69 Stephen Schwarzman: What It Takes

#69 Stephen Schwarzman: What It Takes