DiscoverBuild Your Network693: Travis Chappell | The Final Episode of Build Your Network
693: Travis Chappell | The Final Episode of Build Your Network

693: Travis Chappell | The Final Episode of Build Your Network

Update: 2021-09-01


It’s so bittersweet to be here announcing that this will be the final episode of the Build Your Network Podcast; but bigger and better things are in the making. 

I can’t thank you all enough for doing this journey with us and hopefully you gained a TON of value from listening in! 

Be sure to tune into this episode as we wrap things up, share a bit about the experience we gained along the way, and talk about where we’re heading next and what you can look forward to in the near future!

Things you will learn in this episode:

[00:01 - 02:30 ] Opening Segment 

  • Welcome and thank you for being with us 
  • Inviting Eric to come on with me 

[02:31 - 12:21 ] Just Get Started

  • I talk a bit about the early days of the podcast 
  • In between living situations 
  • The struggles just to get started 
  • What it was like interviewing for the first time
  • Stories and experience 
  • Shifting into a comfortable interview style
  • A word from our sponsor

[12:22 - 20:44 ] What’s Next?

  • The moment of ‘I can do this!’
  • Getting a hold of people bigger than you 
  • Where we’re heading now 
  • Cultivating new ideas 
  • Venturing out of the entrepreneurial space 
  • Everything is going to stay here 
  • Make sure to stay subscribed here!
  • “Travis Interviews” 
  • “Travis Reacts”

[20:45 - 22:33 ] Closing Segment - Thank You

  • Make a quick post of your memory with us
  • Final words 


Tweetable Quotes: 

“If you really just put your mind to something, stick to the long game, do the right things, treat people the right way and keep that goal in mind - then you can accomplish a lot more things than you think that you can.” - Travis Chappell

“We’re basically rebranding the show to become the ‘Travis Interviews Show…’ The conversations will be able to be a little bit of a deeper dive, a little bit more in depth.” - Travis Chappell

“Thank you so much for tuning in and for the last time: You have been listening to the Build Your Network Podcast.” - Travis Chappell


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693: Travis Chappell | The Final Episode of Build Your Network

693: Travis Chappell | The Final Episode of Build Your Network

Travis Chappell