DiscoverThe Portal7: Bret Easton Ellis: The Dark Laureate of Generation X
7: Bret Easton Ellis: The Dark Laureate of Generation X

7: Bret Easton Ellis: The Dark Laureate of Generation X

Update: 2019-09-3019


Eric sits down with Bret Easton Ellis; the two Gen X’ers graduated from rival high schools in a disaffected 1982 Los Angeles that inspired Ellis’ first novel “Less Than Zero”. In this conversation, they reflect on LA, Generation X, and the different notions of childhood held by Gen x and Millennials. 


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Comments (4)

D. Lambert

I found this discussion filled with itterly unproven assumptions and assertions that ultimately irritated me so much I stopped midway, which takes a lot considering I commute an hour each way to work and usually welcome an interesting diversion. I like both people - I mean I dont know them but I generally like what each has to say even as I disagree- but I cant tell if this was simply a bad conversation with poor leading questions (eric really needs to stop inserting himself into his guests. I really wanted to hear what Ellis had to say, but Weinstein seemed to speak at least as much as he did), or if this was truly how they both think..I'm their age (I'm willing to bet a lot more people my age listen to them than they beleive) and happen to have children solidly in the millennial camp in addition to being a high school teacher. Leaving aside the fact that I find it's silly categorizing an entire generation with a facile name and what is supposed to be common qualities, I also found literally none of their sweeping assertions about an entire generation to ring true to me. It seems instead what they're talking about is a very specific social class and culture, upper middle class and college educated with not too much material discomfort in their lives. The sort that tweets and goes to certain colleges with certain majors and is very very loud. They are by no means representative of an entire generation, and yet these two men continually asserted they were.No evidence was provided at all. I would be willing to change my mind but listening to two hours of assertions seemingly based in their own limited personal experience as though the assertions were established fact really annoyed me. You can do so much better.

Oct 28th
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Keller Dellinger

There are two kinds of millennials, the silent and the loud. The loud millennials are attached to new, hollow ideologies that are ignorantly based on old, decaying ideologies and are trying desperately to fight off the encroaching nihilism and socioeconomic fatalism of modernity by insulating themselves from discomfort and reassuring themselves of their ethical superiority, simultaneously reveling in shame and destroying what it means to feel shame. The silent millennials are gamers, cannabis addicts, and shitposters who are numbing themselves to how hollow our social structures have become and just trying to find some brief pleasure in a cyberpunk reality, enjoying the decline.

Sep 30th
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7: Bret Easton Ellis: The Dark Laureate of Generation X

7: Bret Easton Ellis: The Dark Laureate of Generation X