DiscoverCathedral Chronicles#7: For The Greater Glory Of God
#7: For The Greater Glory Of God

#7: For The Greater Glory Of God

Update: 2023-05-26


In this episode we will learn how, with the appointment of a new bishop, came a renewed ambition to complete the cathedral. We’ll hear how the architects, builders and craftsmen retuned to work on further enlarging and enhancing the cathedral. During this third phase of building, an extraordinary transformation would take place, that would lead to the much-extended and sumptuously decorated cathedral that we know today.

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Episode 8: The Great Fire Of Newry.


This episode was written, presented, and produced by Mark Byrne. Research was by Micheál Murphy, Louis Spencer, Desmond McMahon, Edmund Murtagh, Dalton Short, Mark Byrne and the Reverend Edward Campbell. 

Guest readers for this episode were Catherine Yates, Desmond McMahon, Dalton Short.


Original music ‘Piano Trio in G 1. Allegro Moderato’ composed specially for this series by Kevin Canavan. ©2022 Kevin Canavan. All Rights Reserved.


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British Jews in World War One - Lehmann Oppenheimer:

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Cathedral Chronicles is produced by a team of volunteers with the cooperation of Newry Cathedral Parish and the Diocese of Dromore. Neither Newry Cathedral Parish nor the Diocese of Dromore claims ownership of, or responsibility for, the content of this podcast. ©2023 Mark G. Byrne. All Rights Reserved.


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#7: For The Greater Glory Of God

#7: For The Greater Glory Of God

Cathedral Chronicles