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7: Jeff Ross and the Better Halves

7: Jeff Ross and the Better Halves

Update: 2018-04-261


From the Airbnb compound & the Roast Master General's home, we're Off Track once again. Brought to you by the indubious CastBox (0:00 - 2:32). The inaugural segment of Better Halves: What do Hinch and Rossi do that drives their significant others CRAZY? TBH the answers are both shocking and exactly what you'd expect (2:33 - 9:10). Jeff Ross is a comedian, writer, and actor known as the Roast Master General. He is the host of Thick Skin with Jeff Ross, which he relates to driving race cars. Jeff discusses his past as a film major with a minor in political science, and his early beginnings with Epitome Productions - where he literally made home videos and training films. After serenading our listeners with a Who cover, the guys ask 100 questions about what it's like to roast someone (9:11 - 25:45). Lighting Round: How fast has Jeff Ross ever driven, and what's his all time favorite burn? (25:46 - 29:15). Battle Royale: Who would win in a match of actors who have played James Bond? (29:47 - 34:12). Race Recap: A general discussion of the Alabama Grand Prix (4/22-23) with Hinch, Rossi & Thim on the horn (34:13 - 45:23). Tune in next week! Credits and Outro (45:24 - 47:52).


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7: Jeff Ross and the Better Halves

7: Jeff Ross and the Better Halves