7: The Vanishing Drowning Men

7: The Vanishing Drowning Men

Update: 2021-04-2917


How does a man disappear from a group of friends and show up dead two months later, in a river, 15 miles away from where he was last seen? And what if the body shows no evidence of having been in the water for more than a few days. What if this happens dozens or even hundreds of times all across the country over a period of years. People claim it's a serial killer? Or a network of serial killers? We don't necessarily agree.   

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James Bradford

Dont get me started on the term date rape, please by all means start spewing the rhetoric your feminist community is spewing. I bet ive heard your argument before, it is nothing new just the same nonsensical dribble spewed with little thought or effort

May 12th
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James Bradford

Oh my poor disenfranchised women who are scared to leave their apartment because men are so evil. lets blame the whole bunch, when most people who are seriously disaffected are men, 75% of homeless are men, most suicides are committed by men, more men die in wars, men are left behind and ignored in school and the mental health industry. but yeah lets stay woke cause it sounds cool. Foh with that poor me nonsense.

May 12th


If she ever left her white priveledge kingdom, she would see that there are plenty of distressed white men!

May 12th

Henry P

Indeed this is the worst one yet (within the context of a GREAT show)! I don't think she realises that in what is probably her grief over being unfairly judged all her life, she has become embittered and now preaches hate against white people and men in general. Her 'jokes' are not coming from a good place and only directed at white people and men. I'm sure it's unintentional but hopefully some of these comments will get through and she will see she has become the problem

May 9th


It was because of their "White Privilege"!

May 8th

Jamie Stewart

ugh. this was almost decent but yet again the host can't avoid going on woke political tirades. Unsubbed. there are so many better podcasts dealing with these topics that aren't cringe as fuck and saturated in shitty political hot takes and lame as fuck jokes.

Apr 29th
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7: The Vanishing Drowning Men

7: The Vanishing Drowning Men

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