#7- Regular Verbs in Present Tense

#7- Regular Verbs in Present Tense

Update: 2020-02-09


In this episode, you will learn about regular verbs in the present tense. This is important to describe daily activities and engage in your first interactions with native Spanish speakers. 

In Spanish, there are three endings for verbs: -ar (i.e.:"trabajar), -er (i.e.: "comer"), and -ir (i.e.: "vivir")

When you conjugate any regular verbs, you remove the ending -ar, -er, ir and add the conjugation that matches the subject. Here is how regular verbs are conjugated in the present tense. 

Verb conjugation (ar, er, ir)
Trabajar : yo trabajo (I work), tú trabajas (you work, informal), él trabaja (he works), ella trabaja (she works), usted trabaja (you work, formal), nosotros trabajamos (we work, for group of only men, or men and women mixed), nosotras trabajamos (only when in "we" there are only women), ustedes trabajan (you work, plural form), ellos trabajan (they work, only men or group of men and women mixed), ellas trabajan (when in "they" there are only women).

So as you can see él/ella/usted have the same conjugation. The same is true for nosotros/nosotras and ellos/ellas. Keep this in mind as this happens with these pronouns in any tense.
Aprender: yo aprendo, tú aprendes, él/ella/usted aprende, nosotros(as) aprendemos, ustedes aprenden, ellos(as) aprenden.
Vivir: yo vivo, tú vives, él/ella/usted vive, nosotros(as) vivimos, ustedes viven, ellos(as) viven. 
Verbs used in the practice section (section with the bell, at the end): estudiar, comer, recibir. 

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#7- Regular Verbs in Present Tense

#7- Regular Verbs in Present Tense

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