7 Steps to Wealth - 074

7 Steps to Wealth - 074

Update: 2019-04-1620


Money is a weird kind of taboo topic. We all want it, we need it to do pretty much anything these days, yet we don’t really talk about it… and then we wonder why money can feel so elusive.

Even though we think of money as this concrete thing, it’s actually just an idea. We made it up. That paper only has value because we said so.

So since money is an idea, how we think and feel about money can have a huge impact on whether or not we have any. So today we're starting with our money mindsets.

But this episode is going to be amazing because we’re not just stopping at the conceptual. We will dive into some real practical steps to not only transform your money mindset, but also to create a concrete and practical plan to acquiring (and keeping!) wealth.

Our guest today is Hilary Hendershott. She is a certified financial planner and a leading fiduciary financial advisor, and wealth coach with over 18 years of industry experience, She leads her clients and audiences to financial freedom in their own experiences and expertise.

Despite hard work and effort, Hilary found herself in debt at one point in her wealth journey. But then Hilary discovered the keys to a new kind of financial freedom that allowed her trip to transform her life from self-made chaos to abundance. She grew a 7-figure practice, earned financial freedom and dedicated her professional life to empowering others to be free of constraints around money.

Today we will learn:The surprising power of language to make you richWays to live your lifestyle without undermining your financial successWhy you need a wealth plan and 7 steps to creating oneSupport Mind Love's Sponsors: Robinhood ← Get a FREE stock including Apple, Ford or Sprint at mindlove.robinhood.comFitOn ← Use code MINDLOVE for a Free 7-day trial and 80% off a subscriptionVistaprint.com Use promo code MINDLOVEShow Notes: https://mindlove.com/074

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Comments (4)

Kerri Hale

Awesome episode! I just can't get enough of your content. thank you!

Aug 26th

Jessica Blagdon

Great episode, maybe even a life changer for me! I've been floating an idea for a career change and the detail I've been unsure about finally came clear. I took the time to be thankful for it happening in the future. Sure enough - had dinner with friends last night and the opportunity I'll need to get started was there. I didn't even plan to seek it out yet but there it was, handed to me without even asking, and from someone I wouldn't have thought to ask anyway. I've loved your podcast, thank you! When my new adventure becomes the success I know it will be, I'll be sure to give you the credit. :)

Apr 24th

Ajit Nafade

Excellent episode! Thank you.

Apr 20th

Ruby Redd

Thank you for this episode! I love both the practical and less than practical (ha ha) episodes because I feel it is a great balance of how beautifully complicated us humans are. I really enjoyed this episode because financial anxiety is something my family has passed on for generations. Thanks again!

Apr 19th








7 Steps to Wealth - 074

7 Steps to Wealth - 074

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