DiscoverEasy Prey7 Ways You Are Being Influenced with Dr. Robert Cialdini
7 Ways You Are Being Influenced with Dr. Robert Cialdini

7 Ways You Are Being Influenced with Dr. Robert Cialdini

Update: 2021-10-27


There are methods used to influence us to either buy or do something. We may even be persuaded to participate and only later on wonder how they got us to join. It is beneficial to know these seven principles that compel us to react. 

Today’s guest is Dr. Robert Cialdini. Dr. Cialdini is an author and keynote speaker as a leading expert on influence and persuasion. His books are published in 44 different languages and have sold over 7 million copies. He’s a New York Times, Wall Street Journal, and USA Today best-selling author. He’s also been elected to membership in the National Academy of Sciences. 

Show Notes:

  • [1:10 ] - Dr. Cialdini got into this field because he was easily persuaded in the past.
  • [3:05 ] - Incognito, Dr. Cialdini answered as many ads and training programs he could get into to see how advertisers convinced people to buy.
  • [4:40 ] - In his research, he found that there are seven principles to persuasion.
  • [5:44 ] - The first principle is the principle of reciprocation. This is present in every culture.
  • [6:57 ] - First someone gives you something and then you feel obligated to give back.
  • [9:03 ] - Chris shares an experience at a restaurant to receive something for free that actually required him to do something first.
  • [11:37 ] - Is something genuinely giving you something or trapping you into compliance?
  • [12:19 ] - The second principle is the principle of “liking.” You will be influenced more by those who you like.
  • [13:48 ] - One way to get people to like us is to give them something which ties right into the principle of reciprocity.
  • [16:12 ] - Step back from the situation and separate the salesperson from what he or she is offering.
  • [17:18 ] - The next principle is the principle of social proof. If a lot of people are choosing or favoring something, it seems like something you should do, too.
  • [18:28 ] - We recognize when there are fake reviews. 5 star reviews generally make us skeptical.
  • [21:04 ] - Dr. Cialdini describes a study done in McDonald’s that boosted sales of one menu item by 40%.
  • [24:48 ] - The next principle is similar to social proof and decreases someone’s uncertainty. It is the principle of authority.
  • [25:58 ] - The problem with assuming someone is an expert is the appearance of actors and influencers being paid to promote.
  • [27:34 ] - Ask yourself, “Is this person an authority on the topic at hand?”
  • [28:32 ] - Also ask if the person is being unbiased in their testimonial.
  • [30:19 ] - The next principle is the principle of consistency. 
  • [32:01 ] - Dr. Cialdini shares why he no longer signs petitions. The pressure to be consistent can motivate us to do things we don’t want to do.
  • [35:28 ] - Sometimes sales sites will list an item or booking that there are only two left at this price and list a number of people also looking at the listing.
  • [37:38 ] - We don’t know all the time if something is legit.
  • [39:55 ] - Dr. Cialdini added a seventh principle to his book called the principle of community.
  • [41:17 ] - Dr. Cialdini demonstrates how this works with a personal example.
  • [43:11 ] - Be wary of promotions within your “tribe.”
  • [44:12 ] - Some companies will ask for collaboration to create unity and produce customer loyalty.
  • [47:09 ] - Dr. Cialdini shares a story about letting people into one’s house.
  • [50:55 ] - Check out Dr. Cialdini’s website for a Harvard article to help prevent digital attacks on your organization or business.

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7 Ways You Are Being Influenced with Dr. Robert Cialdini

7 Ways You Are Being Influenced with Dr. Robert Cialdini

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