DiscoverCollege Career Connect#7. Make A Difference - Naveen Raj
#7. Make A Difference - Naveen Raj

#7. Make A Difference - Naveen Raj

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#7.Make A  Difference!!


Naveen Raj is a Programme Operations Director (Shelter Team)  at Make A Difference(MAD). MAD is an Indian non-profit organisation, working to ensure equitable outcomes for vulnerable children across India.


As a Shelter Team Director, Naveen works towards understanding the needs of the Child Care Institutes(CCI)  and the children living there.


Naveen also upskills volunteers by delivering relevant training and development modules to them to support them do their roles better and become leaders in the true altruistic sense of the word.


Naveen is a graduate in Mechanical Engineering. It was during his second year of college, amidst operating motors and machines, that he decided to volunteer with Make A Difference in the year 2013 and took up different roles like teacher, mentor and human capital fellow. Soon after, he joined the organization as an Operations Director.


This episode Naveen shares his journey in social space working with children and on the best cultures followed in social space.


Time stamps:


03:53 An explored journey.

04:56 How Naveen did what kept him excited?

05:56 Does your degree gets wasted if you shift sectors?

08:49 What does "Make A Difference" do?

11:51 What does Naveen does in social space?

14:07 Skills Naveen gathered along the way.

15:49 Culture setting Vs Control systems.

18:09 Be the change you want to see in the world.

21:42 Caution points before stepping into social space.

22:46 How to keep yourself motivated?

24:06 Skills for operations management.

26:33 Challenges faced in driving a team.

28:13 What makes Make A Difference as India's 6th best mid-sized place to work for?

29:32 Naveen's learnings serving multiple roles.

32:12 Changes Naveen observed in him by being in social space.

34:00 How to give feedbacks that support people?

36:36 Skills Naveen would look for?

37:51 How to join Make A Difference?

38:15 Naveen at 15.




Learn more about Make a Difference at


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#7. Make A Difference - Naveen Raj

#7. Make A Difference - Naveen Raj